Five content ideas to kickstart your real estate blog

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If you’ve read our previous article on the benefits of bogging you’ll know that regular blogging helps you to develop your agency’s voice, optimise your website for search engines, position you as a market expert, and help you to better advertise your area to potential buyers. 

You may be keen to reap the rewards of a well planned blog on your website, but have no idea what to write about. We’ve got you covered with five great ideas to get the ball rolling.

1. Your agency’s philosophy, mission statement, code of ethics or promise to clients

All agencies are unique. They have different target audiences, different priorities and different marketing strategies – so ideas for a real estate blog are rarely one-size-fits-all. However, carving out a mission statement or code of ethics is one thing that every agency absolutely can, and should, do.

Why not write a post detailing your promise to your clients. What’s your philosophy? What values define your agency? Why should potential clients pick you over the competition? You might even like to use this content on a separate ‘About us’ page.

2. Property listicles

 Have you ever wondered why so many articles on the Internet have numbers in the title? ‘5 exciting new ways to roast a chicken’, ’10 crazy things you never knew about Robert Redford’, ‘7 great ways to stop procrastinating’ – lists get people interested. This technique has been around as long as advertising itself. Right from the title, you’re giving readers a promise of what’s in store – there’s a quantifiable return on invested attention.

So, let’s say you list ten properties that could be cleverly marketed as ‘a renovator’s dream’, or five properties with great views, or seven properties with swimming pools. Whatever the case may be, compiling a list of common properties into a blog post is a great idea. If a buyer is looking for something similar – you’ve definitely got their attention, and there’s an almost infinite amount of categories you could try, and since it’s a blog, you can make it fun for your readers without seeming unprofessional.

3. Ten home-selling tips

Since we all like lists so much, we should use them for more than just interesting properties. How about some of the tips and tricks you’ve picked up along the way throughout your career?

Listing ten or so great home selling tips for your vendors is a great way to offer them some valuable advice and show them what you know.

Home staging, negotiations, gardening for curb appeal, picking the right agent – whatever you can come up with that you feel is important for your area.

If you’re feeling particularly ambitious, you might even prefer to expand this content into a free e-book to give to your clients after an appraisal.

4. Local attractions

Location, location, location. Buyers looking for a home in your area will be interested in more than just the property at hand – it’s also important to sell your community and local attractions.

Why not write about some of the parks, cafes, natural wonders, restaurants, shops or live music in your area? Show your buyers why people love living there.

5. Market insights

One of your main duties as an agency is to keep your clients informed about the property market. Your blog is a great place to do just that. Tell your clients about current market conditions regularly.

You might like to make a habit out of this once every month, for example. Announce great times to buy and great times to sell – and if possible explain why. Your clients look to you as an authority on this, so show them what you know. Check out our article on becoming a go-to source for real estate information.

A few more

To finish off, here’s a few more bonus ideas:

  • How to get the best deal on a mortgage
  • If you’re tech-savvy, list of some of the technology or software you use in your agency to show your clients the modern service they’ll be receiving working with you
  • Discuss some of the top businesses in your area and how people might go about working for them
  • Why you personally love living and working in your area

And finally, if you’re up for a challenge;

  • If you keep up-to-date with industry news, you might encounter something an industry leader has said that you disagree with. You can prove them wrong with a carefully worded rebuttal to show how deep your interest and knowledge of the industry goes.

The world wide web is your oyster. Whether short and easy to consume or longer and more in-depth, there are a plethora of blog content ideas out there for the real estate industry. Happy writing!

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