Five tips to convert more appraisals to real estate listings

The appraisal appointment.It’s your boxing ring, your batter’s box, your center stage at the school play. No matter what you call it, it’s the key place you’re going to win real estate listings - and all eyes are on you.According to fancy science studies, first impressions are the most important part of any meeting.It’s make or break time. This goes without saying, but we’re going to say it anyway: you’ve gotta make it count.Stress no more, because Rex has the tools to help you build a successful appointment:

1. Tracks

Let’s be honest: if you were looking for someone to sell your house, would you go with the agent who called you once last month and hasn’t been heard from since? Or the one who proactively keeps in touch? Don’t waste any energy answering that one, friends. It’s rhetorical.Communication is key - and we’ve perfected the follow-up. Is your potential seller hot, warm or cold? Rex has a predefined list of follow-up activities for each one. We call them tracks.This is your roadmap to consistent reminders that keep you front and centre in the seller’s mind, whatever their status. Rex throws down a track of carefully curated reminders that prompt you to keep in touch after a certain amount of time. Not sure what to say? We do. Rex comes with a bunch of handy pre-written templates that make sure you’re always on the right track - to real estate listings, sales and re-sales.So how do you add one of these fabulous tracks to a potential seller? We’re glad you asked. Just hit the reminders tab under their contact info, choose “Add Track” and you’re go to go.

Don’t like our tracks? You build your own from scratch in the Admin section of Rex, or copy and customise any of ours. It’s ok - we won’t be offended. There’s no limit to the number of tracks you can build, so go crazy.

2. Kick off a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) in 2-clicks

We know it’s not your favourite part of the job. Trawling through property records for comparable sale prices to create a CMA for your sellers just isn’t that exciting. It’s also not particularly efficient.That’s why our superpowered team of developers have made it ridiculously easy to get started. Go ahead and grab a notepad and pen; you’re gonna want to jot this down. It’s cool, we’ll wait.Because Rex plays well with others, it has integrations with systems like Corelogic RP Data, and Price Finder. For super-fast access to comparable properties, you can connect Core Logic to your property record. You don’t even have to leave your dashboard.Just click on Corelogic RP Data right from your property page in Rex...

and get instant access. Once you’ve chosen the properties you want to include in your CMA, you can import basic attributes such as property addresses, bedrooms, bathrooms, car spaces, land and house areas, and photos. Then, simply start the import, sit back and relax as the computer does the work for you. In no time at all, you’ll have a PDF of all the relevant data - which you can save to the property record in Rex.Oh, and because we want your property records to be as up-to-the-minute as possible, data that’s prone to change (such as sales history) is pulled live every time you click the Core Logic tab in your property records.How painless (and efficient) is that? You'll be winning real estate listings left, right and center.Need more information? Check out our feature release, which breaks the integration down into bite-size pieces.

3. Reverse Buyer Match

Time to lay on even more credibility to your already stellar appointment. If they weren’t already sold, they will be in a moment…So you have a database of thousands. We get it - you worked hard to get those contacts, and sometimes you just want to toot your own horn. But even the most optimistic of sellers knows that not everyone in your database is going to be interested in their 2.5 bedroom townhouse out in the ‘burbs.So, what’re you gonna do - guesstimate? Sure, you could give that a go. If you know that a third of the buyers on your database are interested in a townhouse, half of those buyers would be happy with less than 3 bedrooms, and let’s say half of what’s left have shown some interest in that suburb in the past… that leaves what, maybe a two hundred or so?We’re not convinced. And neither are your sellers.Enter reverse buyer match - let Rex play matchmaker for the seller! It’s like a dating app, but with a much better success rate… and much less work.

Just add in your property details, and with a little bit of wizardry Rex will show you a list of all the active buyers in your database who are looking for a place just like it.Hey presto, the seller can immediately see that you’ve got a database of some very REAL buyers that will be contacted about their property as soon as they list with you. We’re definitely signing on the dotted line.

4. Saved filters

Rex stores hundreds of different data points about contacts, properties, real estate listings and every other type of record you can imagine. Our filtering functionality allows you to search across those records using fine-grained criteria to locate the exact records you want. Want a list of all the contacts you spoken to in the last 30 days? Hey presto, we can do it for you. Want to bring up all of the people on your newsletter mailing list? You can do that too.If you're regularly accessing the same filters, we also give you the power to save these for quick access later using the saved filter functionality. And that, friends, is going to help you convert more appraisals to real estate listings.If you’ve been paying attention to our feature release blog posts (you definitely have, right?), you’ll already have created a “Hot appraisals: no contact in two weeks” filter. Because Rex is smart enough to know when you last touched base with each lead, you can access a list of all the super interested sellers that you’re letting fall through the cracks - in just two clicks. See where we’re going with this?Saved filters are super easy to access - simply click “View Contacts” (or Properties or Listings, depending on which module you're in) and you’ll see a menu pop up with all your saved filters.Go on - create a few more. May we suggest:- Hot appraisals: no contact in > 30 days- Warm appraisals: no contact in 2 weeks- Warm appraisals: no contact in > 30 daysIf you’ve forgotten how to do it, you can refresh your memory here.

5. Lost appraisals

Lost opportunities suck. No one likes to hear the words, “We’ve decided to go with somebody else”. But you know what else no one likes? Sore losers.Instead of accepting defeat and retreating with your tail between your legs when you fail to convert - ask why. In a friendly way, of course. Did the sellers like another agent’s approach better? Were they offered some free advertising, or promised wine-and-cheese opens? Find out which agency won them over.Once you’ve wished them all the best with the sale of their house and got back to the office, mark it as the one that got away using the built in tool for archiving lost appraisals.Simply go to the Appraisals tab of the property record, and click Archive.

From there, you’ll be prompted to select the reason why you lost the listing - and, if you lost to another agency, you can even name them specifically. Keeping tabs on the competition just got easier.Sales managers and principals can pull up lists or reports of all your lost appraisals from the Properties list using the Advanced filter.With all this information at your fingertips, you'll be ready to win the next time you come up against the same local competitor.So, there you have it, Rexperts. Our top 5 to make sure you leave an appraisal with a signature on the dotted line.Do with them what you will.

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