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Rex AI features in action

Managing time effectively is crucial in real estate, where the line between securing a deal and missing an opportunity can be razor-thin. Recognising the challenge of balancing administrative burden with quality customer interactions, we’re excited to announce the upcoming launch of Rex AI. This new suite of AI features within Rex Sales and Rentals CRM has been crafted to dramatically reduce administrative time and amplify action.

Tailored for the Real World of Real Estate

Unlike other AI solutions, Rex AI is uniquely built to harness all relevant data in your CRM. This integration enables targeted outputs that simplify portfolio marketing, enhance communications with vendors and buyers, and ultimately drive meaningful action from data. 

Key Features of Rex AI:

  • Rex AI Ad Content Generation: With a single click, generate marketing-ready ad content that captures the essence of each property, detailing its unique selling points without the manual effort.
  • Rex AI SMS & Email Content Generation: Craft tailored communications in seconds. Whether it’s prospecting, buyer follow-ups, appraisal updates, or vendor communications, Rex AI generates ready-to-send messages that maintain a personal touch.
  • Rex AI Natural Language Filters: Forget about learning complex query syntax. Our natural language processing allows you to interact with the CRM through simple, everyday language. Just type your question or command and let Rex AI retrieve the data you need instantly.

Designed to Address Real Pain Points

For real estate professionals juggling numerous tasks, the cost of high administrative workload is twofold: time and opportunity. Hours spent on creating and refining property descriptions, checking data accuracy, and communicating with potential clients are hours not spent engaging directly with customers—where the real business happens.

Empowering Real Estate Professionals

Here’s how Rex AI will directly benefit our users:

  • Reduce Time on Admin: Automated content generation for ads and communications means less time writing and more time selling.
  • Increase Accuracy and Appeal in Listings: AI-driven insights ensure that every property is marketed with its best foot forward.
  • Scale Effortlessly: Manage more listings and communications with less effort, expanding your business without the proportional increase in workload.
  • Access Insights Quickly: Natural language filters empower users to obtain the information and insights they need by simply asking questions in plain language.

Rex AI in Action

Imagine generating call lists for prospecting, crafting precise buyer match lists, or retrieving critical contract details—all through simple commands. Rex AI not only understands these requests but also delivers results in moments, thus enhancing the capability of every team member to perform at their best.

The power of Rex AI’s Content Generation drastically reduces the time needed to create highly effective communication strategies, from instantly producing customised emails and SMS messages that cater to each stage of a client's journey, to crafting compelling listing descriptions and ad content designed to attract and engage the right audience.

Stay Tuned

As we gear up for the beta release of Rex AI, we invite you to stay connected. This initial rollout of AI features marks just the start of what Rex AI will offer.

Prepare to transform your real estate business with Rex AI—where less time on admin means more time for action.

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