Our biggest Rex update deserves a party.

Rexfest 2021

Welcome to Rexfest 2021, our free two-month long learning festival. Here you'll find articles, panels, podcasts, Q & A’s, behind-the-scenes and so much more to help you be more efficient, increase your revenue and get a leg up on the competition.

The gates will open promptly at 10am AEST on Tuesday the 9th of February. Rex users will be able to enter by clicking on the Rexfest ticket button in the Rex menu. Get familiar with the arena map and then run, don’t walk, to your first destination in the arena: the STAR Stage.

Check out the lineup and make sure to register for the first two weeks’ worth of events. You’ll receive a calendar invite as well as a reminder email before the event starts – we don’t want you to miss anything!

Rexfest STAR stage

Every two weeks, the focus will shift to another part of your business and a new line-up of exciting events is released. We’ll start with some background information and then announce a piece of powerful new functionality. We’ll show you how to use it in your agency and give you some best practice examples.

There will be new content every day for you to enjoy over your morning cuppa, or whenever you get a chance to take a breather. To get the most out of the program, we suggest blocking out 15 minutes to an hour in your calendar every day to absorb the content, read your new resources and reflect on the changes you can implement in your own agency.

We’re stoked you’ve decided to invest in yourself and your business by joining us for Rexfest 2021. It’s going to be a highlight of your year. See you on the inside!

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