Manage Tenancy Applications in Rex CRM

We are excited to introduce the first dedicated Pre-Tenancy workflow into Rex CRM. Now, Property Managers and BDMs can handle multiple tenancy applications per listing in Rex CRM. You'll get a quick peek at application details, manage progress, and even customise fields for agency specifics. Sending applications to landlords for approval is simple – just a couple of clicks. This is the first of many Pre-Tenancy capabilities we are bringing to the CRM.

Add Tenancy Application in-app Screen

To begin storing tenant applications, navigate to a rental listing and go to the 'Applications' tab. Applications can be added in, including all tenants. Rex CRM highlights the key information for each application, including the affordability percentage, making it easier for you to peruse and narrow down the applications.

Sending Applications to Listing Owner(s)

Send applications to listing owners via email

Help your landlord make their decision with a few clicks. Simply select the application(s) you wish to send, and click Send applications to listing owner. All the details from each application are helpfully rolled up into a single email, all you need to do is to optionally add your own commentary and click send!

Stay tuned for more improvements, like a sync with Rex PM, progression capabilities and more... You can find our help documentation here.

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