Introducing Spoke - digital marketing for real estate, made simple

Digital Marketing for real estate

We've added a bunch of new functionality to Spoke since its release in May 2018. It's evolved into an incredibly powerful digital marketing platform. Some real estate agents are even using Spoke to sell properties before listing on the portals, saving their vendors thousands of dollars in VPA! 

About a year ago, we decided that we wanted to revolutionise digital marketing for real estate agents. It’s a tall task, we know - but we like the challenge. It’s no longer enough to just upload a listing to the portals - this is the 21st century, people. After all, it doesn’t take long for your listing to get pushed further and further down the page. Blink, and suddenly it’s on page 3! And don’t get us started on the humble letterbox drop or local newsletter. How many of those do you think end up in the bin? Or wasting away in letterboxes, home only to a few snails?Now, compare that to targeted social media and Google marketing, which allows you to showcase a property to up to 79% of the population of a suburb. Plus, social ads expose listings to different people - even those that aren’t necessarily active in the market, but actually make good candidates for buyers. It’s in a whole other ball park. But the thing is, you’ve told us it’s hugely time consuming to come up with ads, have them designed, and then upload them to the various networks. And if you haven’t spent the time to specifically target the right people for each of your ads, it’s literally money down the drain. Add to that all the time it takes to monitor your ads’ performance, so that they’re actually effective, and update them continuously so they stay fresh - and you’ve pretty much got yourself a whole second day job. Or, you’ve got to invest in training up a junior to do it for you - or outsource that work to a marketing agency. None of which come cheap. Well, our goal was to help you take care of your online advertising in minutes, not hours, at a substantially lesser cost. We wanted to make it simple to publish dozens of eye-catching, automatically created ads to multiple networks - Facebook, Instagram and the Google Display Network - with a single click. Not to toot our own horn or anything, but we did it… we bloody did it.

Meet Spoke

Our newest product, Spoke, helps you streamline ad creation for your listings, your agency and your personal brand by using specially optimised campaign workflows. Here’s how it works. First, you’ve got to choose what you want to advertise. If you’ve synced with your CRM, your listings and agent information will magically appear. Spoke will create an audience of the people most likely to be interested in what you’re advertising. Of course, you can tweak that audience and pinpoint the most valuable customers with Spoke’s real-estate specific audience segments: first home buyers, investors, upgraders people similar to contacts in your database and more. You can even pinpoint people who speak specific languages, or target additional suburbs. You name it, we’ve thought of it. Then, click through the simple workflow to add a few photos (or a video), and some captivating ad text. Spoke will create dozens of ad variations, each designed for a highly targeted audience of local buyers and sellers, using that information. Publish those ads to the networks in one click. It's that easy! And it’s gets better…


Once someone has seen your ad, Spoke will retarget them with a different ad to recapture their attention. Say, you’re targeting investors. The first ad a potential buyer sees might feature the property itself. The next ad might show them the low-maintenance garden.


Over the course of each campaign, Spoke’s ad performance formula continues to show the ads that are generating the best results, tweaks those that could perform better and turns off any that aren’t getting enough traction to save marketing spend. We’re all about saving those dollars.


After running a campaign, you can provide sellers with access to real-time reports that show how the campaign has performed. It’s a great way to let vendors know you’re getting the absolute most out of their marketing spend, and make a solid case for an increased spend when needed. It’s also a powerful listing tool to wow potential sellers. Spoke is currently in its beta phase, and we’re seeing great results so far. 

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