Feature release: set your real estate CRM data free

Free your data

For this feature release, we’ve made it possible for you to download your reports in alternative formats – in particular Excel and CSV. Essentially, you now have access to your CRM data in its rawest form - free from all the artificial colours and flavourings of PDF. But what does this mean for you?Like just about every other businesses in the modern world, you probably use Excel or a similar program for reporting, managing the books and likely a lot more. It’s fantastic and endlessly useful software, with an infinite number of features: spread-sheets, charts, graphs, you name it. The only problem was that your Rex data was previously locked away in PDF and incompatible.That’s why you can now export in CSV; an incredibly basic and standardised format – which is what makes it so perfect. It’s not just for Excel. You can open CSV files with just about whatever spread-sheet software you use. Basically, we’ve set your CRM data free.You can now use Excel (or your preferred alternative) to manipulate, sort and filter your reports, thereby deriving additional insights and information and propelling your agency further.

Supported reports

The more recent reports we’ve added over the last few months were, as you might have noticed, already compatible with CSV export. This month’s feature release was about making the remaining two thirds of our reporting library compatible too.Here’s a full list of all the new supported reports: For high-level, cross-period performance tracking of offices and individuals around key metrics regarding sales and listings, we've created six completely new reports - all with CSV support. The following are available at the Rex Account level and Franchise Reporting Center level:

  • Activity Reports - High Level Sales KPI
  • Activity Reports - Cross Period Sales KPI
  • Activity Reports - Stat (Gross Commission by Office or Agent)
  • Activity Reports - Stat (Commission Earned by Agent)
  • Activity Reports - Stat (Number of Sales by Office or Agent)
  • Activity Reports - Stat (New Listings by Office or Agent)

We've added CSV support for the existing thirty five reports in the reporting centre in each of the following categories:

  • Activity Reports (full support)
  • Advertising / VPA (full support)
  • Contract Statuses (full support)
  • Contract Conditions (full support)
  • Contract Verification (full support)
  • Commissions (full support)
  • Invoices / Income (full support)
  • Listing and Uploads (no changes - CSV output was already supported)
  • Trust General (partial support: all but full ledger summaries)
  • Trust Reconciliations (partial support: all but full ledger summaries and reconciliation statement)

And finally, three reports in the financials section of the Listings module: Marketing Schedule, Trust Ledger and Account Statement.Being able to utilise your Rex data better outside of the CRM makes your reports far more valuable. We hope to see you all making full use of the new export functionality.

Help Documentation

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