Feature release: improved financials make financial admin simple

Improved financials

Rex now has an added set of functions that make financial admin simple. In this, the second part of our December feature release, we’re going to reveal the new financials tab. You’ve seen our new email functionality and property exports, but there’s still more to cover. 


Rex has made some significant workflow improvements to our invoicing functionality. We’ve added a new ‘financials’ section with several new invoice and related transaction screens to make it easier to work with financials in Rex.

This section consolidates your financials into one easy-to-use menu. First off, we popped the Trust Accounts screen in there for you. It’s a financials tab after all. Next is ‘All Invoices’. This allows you to see all of all your invoices without having to manually make a report as before. You also have ‘Overdue’ and ‘Unpaid’ invoice screens that automatically filter the list to show overdue and unpaid invoices. No prizes for which does which. We’ve organised all your money coming in, and also the money going out. 

In addition to invoices, you have ‘Payments’, ‘Refunds’ and ‘Credits’. These new screens also bring up organised lists of who you need to pay, who you have to refund, and who you need to credit back respectively. You can organise all these lists by ordering in terms of; Reference number, Amount owed, Paid or late, Due date, Listing or Overall balance. This might be useful if, lets say, several people owe you significant amounts out of a list of hundreds. You can chase down the few that are seriously indebted from a list of thousands of invoices, simply by filtering for those who owe the most.We’ve also added support for invoice ID and reference number as a global search query. This means that now you can find invoices with a few taps of the keyboard and instantly land on the financials tab.

This is handy for those of you that use Rex invoice IDs as your deposit references in the bank when you’re reconciling your bank statements. 

Exports: Financials

So we’ve made all these fancy new lists and screens to manage your financials, but we’re well aware you’re going to need this data in more places than just on Rex. All the lists come equipped with the ‘export’ function, so you can download your financials in a convenient CSV spreadsheet, (these are Excel compatible). This is significant in that you could potentially use these spreadsheets to easily bridge the gap between systems Rex doesn’t directly integrate with, (such as Xero or Myob). It’s also absolutely possible to do some advanced analysis of your financials using these exported data sets - like which products have the highest or lowest selling rates for example. Available export preferences are shown below. Financials exports are available as a mass action in the financials list view.

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