Newsletter reporting for real estate agents

Open homes aren’t the only opens an agent should care about. Newsletters are a powerful tool in the arsenal of any agent and you want to make sure people are opening and reading the content you're sending them. Introducing the latest feature from Rex: Newsletter Reporting for real estate agents.Email newsletters are a great marketing tool for real estate. Rex includes a simple, visual click and drag newsletter builder that lets you quickly construct HTML email newsletters to send to clients.Newsletters, built in minutes, can include lists of available properties, upcoming open homes and auctions as well as more general image and text-based newsletter content. The builder requires no knowledge of HTML code.E-Marketing has never been so simple. In four simple steps you can have professional-looking email newsletters ready to go, completely compliant with anti-spam regulations. Update clients with the latest real estate news, show them newly listed properties and open home times, or link them to your latest article on your website. The CRM makes them even better by providing powerful visual insights and in-depth reports about subscriber behaviour. This latest feature will allow you to not only see the uptake of your newsletters, but also allow you to do some pretty tricky stuff with the information. This feature includes:

  • Open/Click Rates. How many subscribers are opening your newsletters
  • New Responsive Design. And you thought this feature was good in Rex Classic…
  • Click Rates. What links within your emails are getting the most love from your subscribers
  • Highest engaged subscribers. See who are the most active consumers of your content
  • List creation. Take your most engaged subscribers and create new and targeted marketing lists

With these powers combined, you get cutting edge reporting and the ability to cater your value offering to the most interested subscribers. This means those really interested stakeholders can get more out of the information and can spend more time and effort nurturing them.Happy marketing!

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