Contact export & Bulk merge

Introducing the Bulk Merge and Contact Export; we aren’t talking about 50 cars changing lanes at once or asking you to call customs, they’re new features in Rex!

Bulk Merge:

To get the gist of this functionality, we’ll remind you of a little background on how follow up and mail merge works in Rex:

  • Rex’s CRM features allow users to attach “tracks” to properties and contacts.
  • Tracks help agents follow a best practice approach when following up potential and current clients.
  • Tracks are made up of individual, time-released tasks.
  • Tasks can include reminders to make calls, as well as to send emails, letters and SMS messages
  • Rex includes functionality to create and reuse mail merge templates.
  • Rex also includes functionality to attach mail merge templates to email, letter and SMS reminders.
  • Hey presto! Completing a reminder to send an email goes from 5 minutes (to draft an email) to 5 seconds (to click your mouse twice on the screen).

Bulk merge allows users to rapidly complete five, ten or a hundred follow up tasks at once (where there is an attached template). This gives agents more time to be genuine stand up guys/girls and less time stuck at their desks.Take the following example: an agent comes to work in the morning and opens Rex to see what tasks he has to complete for the day. He enters his reminders screen and can see a visual representation of his tasks. By entering Bulk Merge he is able to immediately complete all of his email and letter reminders. Done. Finished.

What traditionally would take hours has been completed in a few seconds with just a few clicks.

Contact Export:

Our other new update is our Contact Export features. This feature, in line with our ‘it simply works’ ethos, exports your selected data into .CSV or .HTML format, allowing you to use your contacts in any other programs or software that you may be using.Powerful? Helpful? Check out the video in the Rex Help Centre for a look at exactly how to use this exciting new feature.

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