Why Agents Prefer Rex CRM For The Self-Employed Agency Model

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As more and more agents seek greater autonomy and flexibility in their ways of working, traditional estate agency is gradually giving way to the self-employed agency model. The popularity of this model has been rising so rapidly that some estate agents are predicting it will account for 50% of the market in the next decade. Amidst this evolution, leading agencies are turning to Rex CRM as their go-to solution, a system tailor-made for the unique needs of self-employed agents.

Why Rex CRM?

For self-employed agents, navigating their professional landscape demands powerful tools and support. Agencies like Harding Green, The Estate Agency, and TAUK have found Rex CRM to be the ideal solution for their needs.

"Rex is brilliant for the broker model… When our agents go to pitch, they’ve got the best tools to lift them up”

— Chris Buckler, Founder of The Estate Agency.

Maximising Productivity with a Fully Integrated System

Rex CRM excels in streamlining operations and alleviating administrative burdens by serving as a unified hub for all activities. By seamlessly integrating with a diverse range of software tools, Rex eliminates the hassle of switching between multiple platforms, enhancing productivity for self-employed agents.

Rex's integration capabilities are further enhanced by the integration with Zapier and a fully open API, empowering agencies like Harding Green to create tailored solutions for their agents.

"We wanted to build integrations and add-ons into our offering for our agents, but we also wanted to set ourselves apart from our competitors”.

— Nick Carter, CEO at Harding Green

Standout Features:

  • Native Integrations: Rex CRM consolidates all essential tools, from HM Land Registry to Xero, into a single platform, simplifying workflows. The Zapier integration extends this functionality, automating tasks and enhancing efficiency.
  • Fully Open API: With the ability to customise the platform according to specific needs, Rex facilitates seamless third-party integrations, ensuring long-term adaptability and cost-effectiveness.

Unlocked Data Potential 

Success as a self-employed agent hinges on the ability to identify and act on opportunities quickly. Rex CRM offers customisation options that empower agents to tailor the system to their needs, boosting prospecting efforts and driving new business generation. By effectively leveraging CRM data, agents can extract invaluable insights for informed decision-making. Harding Green's use of Rex CRM's integration capabilities exemplifies this, bridging the gap between brokers and ensuring comprehensive access to all contacts within their network, thus broadening the each agents reach and enhancing service delivery.

"For our brokers, Rex feels like they have a negotiator working for them. It's actually the first CRM I've used that really feels like it's working with the data. It's harnessing that data, and it's utilising it for you, even when you're sleeping."

— Nick Carter, CEO at Harding Green

Standout Features:

  • Tracks: Rex's automated Tracks facilitate consistent, valuable communication, fostering trust and differentiation from competitors.
  • Custom Fields & Tags: Utilising features like Custom Fields and Tags enables agents to record specific data, painting detailed pictures of contacts for trend identification, personalised service, and timely outreach.
  • Custom Reports: Rex CRM empowers agencies to uncover unnoticed insights, paving the way for new business opportunities.

Flexibility and Mobility for the Modern Agent

The mobile capabilities of Rex CRM enable agents to work seamlessly from anywhere, aligning perfectly with the mobile nature of self-employed agents. Sean Barrett underscores the impact of the Rex Mobile App, emphasising "The ability for agents to login on the road or at home so easily is massive, it enables us to be flexible"  allowing agents to stay connected and seize opportunities on the go.

“I’ve got everything right here on my mobile... it’s absolutely fantastic.”

— Steph Walker, Co-Founder of TAUK

Standout features:

  • Rex Mobile App: Break the chains to your desk and work where you want, when you want with the only fully-featured mobile CRM app for estate agents.
  • Caller ID: Answer the phone with confidence with software that identifies who's calling.
  • Rex Kiosk: Designed to be used on an iPad or tablet, and set up at an open home for attendees to sign themselves in. It automatically syncs up to RexCRM and Mobile App, so you’ll be able to see each attendee’s details as soon as they’re entered. 

Personalised Relationships at Scale

At its core, estate agency is built on relationships, and agents are increasingly adopting the self-employed model to take charge of their personal brand and reputation. Rex CRM, designed with a focus on relationship management, enables personalised communication and effective follow-up strategies at scale. Andy Vass, Co-founder of TAUK, highlights the system's utility: "Rex gives agents the automation to stay in contact with customers, at critical points in the journey." This approach is facilitated through tools like Tracks, which serve as a set of carefully curated reminders that encourage timely actions. These Tracks are instrumental in helping agents consistently deliver high-quality service, generate more referral business, enhance conversion rates, and improve overall efficiency. 

"Rex allows me to work out who to phone and when to phone them”

— Chris Buckler, Founder of The Estate Agency.

Custom Fields further personalise communication, enabling agents to store specific property and contact details unique to each client or prospect. When combined with instant lead notifications and Caller ID capabilities within the mobile app, Rex CRM ensures that agents provide exceptional, high-touch customer service to every prospect and client. 

Standout Features:

  • Tracks: Predefined follow-up activities for personalised communication and consistent engagement.
  • Custom Fields: Store unique information to personalise interactions and enhance client relationships.
  • Rex Mobile & Caller ID: Enhance broker and client experiences with seamless mobile integration, ensuring agents are always connected and responsive

A Partner in Your Success

At Rex, we’re proud to go beyond our offering of estate agency software and become a strategic partner for self-employed agencies striving for success. The ongoing support and adaptability of our CRM ensure that agencies stay ahead in a fiercely competitive market. Chris Buckler of The Estate Agency emphasises the significance of his partnership with Rex, stating, "I’ve got a tech partner… The ongoing support with Rex has been excellent. We had a vision, and we wanted a software supplier who understood that vision and would evolve with us." This collaboration not only provides the technological backbone needed to thrive but also ensures that agencies remain at the forefront of the estate agency industry.

In conclusion, Rex CRM stands out as the ultimate solution for self-employed estate agencies in the UK, offering a comprehensive suite of features and unparalleled support. With Rex CRM empowering them, agents can navigate the complexities of the modern estate agency landscape with confidence and efficiency.

If you want to understand more about how our large agency and enterprise customers are using our API, find out here!

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