The goldmine in your database: 5 essential tips for real estate prospecting

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Real estate prospecting, the lifeblood of any agency, is about finding potential property owners and turning them into valuable listings. But did you know that a staggering 91% of contacts in the average agency's CRM have been neglected for six months or more? These lost connections might just be the key to your next big success. Let's explore the untapped potential within your CRM.

Why Old Data Matters

In the constant pursuit of new leads, many agents overlook a goldmine of opportunities: old data. Believe it or not, this often-ignored data might just be the richest source for new prospects. By understanding the cues and engaging with homeowners personally, you can leverage your existing database into lifelong relationships, something Rex CRM has always focused on.

Our 5 Top Database Prospecting Tips

Know Your Area 

Import the details of every property in your area into your CRM using Core Logic (AU/NZ) or HM Land Registry (UK). Rex CRM integrates with these databases to make this process seamless. Knowing the homeowners, their family size, preferences, and moving history, you're all set to build meaningful connections.

Start the Conversation 

Remember, not all conversations need to begin with a phone call. Setting up ongoing communication through email, SMS, or reminders empowers prospects to engage on their terms, laying the foundation for a stronger relationship.

Maintain Consistency 

Consistent, on-brand messages are crucial to building trust. Rex's unique communication workflows, called Tracks, automate reminders, SMS, emails, and letters. These Tracks ensure you remain in the property owners' minds, building long-term relationships.

Personalise Your Approach 

Tailor your communication to each lead's unique needs. Whether they're a tenant, buyer, or potential seller, customizing your approach with relevant information increases engagement.

Look for Cues 

Monitor engagement by tracking newsletter opens and clicks on links. By understanding what resonates with your prospects, you can work towards more open and targeted communication.

The Rex Advantage

In an industry where 40% of Australians move houses every five years, and where personal relationships translate into business success, having the right CRM system is essential. Rex CRM stands apart in its commitment to helping agents foster genuine relationships. It’s not just about building a database but creating a platform for lifelong connections. 

Rex's automated Tracks provide a roadmap for consistent, valuable communication that builds trust and sets you apart from competitors. By integrating with Core Logic and Land Registry, Rex offers the perfect solution for building personal relationships at scale.

Don’t let potential business drift away to competitors. Turn the tide today and discover the power of targeted database prospecting with Rex CRM

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