Estate agency CRM with powerful automation built-in

Rex is a powerful but easy-to-use cloud and mobile estate agency CRM built for agencies big and small. Join thousands of agencies transforming their day with the Rex platform.

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image of rex real estate crm daily remindersrex crm real estate branding and marketing toolsrex crm real estate software image of listing, reminders and advanced filtersrex crm features for real estate prospecting

Secure stock in good times and bad

Powerful prospecting out of the box

Building a consistent and reliable listings pipeline is the holy grail for high performing agencies. With Rex CRM we've built in all the tools to help you stay in touch and build relationships with every property owner in your area.

image of rex real estate crm daily reminders

Deliver a consistent brand experience

You've worked hard to build your own brand, and you want all your communications to reflect that brand. Just add your branding once and it appears consistently, on newsletters, brochures, emails and letters.

rex crm real estate branding and marketing tools

Stay in touch for the whole journey

Today's buyer, tomorrow' seller - we know it's not that easy. Especially over the years. The workflows and reminders pre-built in Rex CRM will help you stay in touch with property owners and ensure you're the first person they call when they want to sell.

rex crm real estate software image of listing, reminders and advanced filters

Integrations with leading data providers

Having every single property in your area inside Rex moves prospecting from 'hated' to 'helpful'.

rex crm features for real estate prospecting

Deliver customer experience to sell fast

Manage your day for ultimate efficiency

With a full calendar inside Rex CRM you'll never miss an appointment, and neither will your vendors. And staying on top of tasks from your phone, brings a whole new meaning to your countryside office.

rex crm calendar feature for real estate agents

Delight vendors with quick responses

Updating applicant feedback and following up reminder tasks will ensure your vendors receive the ultimate experience and trust that you have every opportunity covered.

rex crm mobile app for real estate image

Deliver service sees applicants become sellers

Being responsive and thorough with all applicant enquiries will show you're on the ball and if they are thinking of selling, it will be that experience that they'll want their potential applicants to receive.

Image of rex real estate crm tracks feature for automation and workflows
rex crm calendar feature for real estate agentsrex crm mobile app for real estate imageImage of rex real estate crm tracks feature for automation and workflows
image of rex real estate crm reporting dashboardrex crm real estate software image of listings record and agent activityrex crm image of contact recordsrex crm contact settings image

Manage and coach your high performing agency

Base conversations on data not dreaming

With reporting dashboards and agent KPI reporting you can have direct coaching conversations with your team to celebrate their achievements and work on areas of opportunity.

image of rex real estate crm reporting dashboard

Know when to pivot

Rex CRM reporting options ensure you know what's going on in your business as it happens. Armed with data you can then allocate resources to the areas that hold the greatest opportunity.

rex crm real estate software image of listings record and agent activity

Do more with less

We get it. Admin costs often feel like a big expense. Let us manage the mundane tasks while they stay focused on dollar-productive activities.

rex crm image of contact records

Keep control of your data

Your database is probably your biggest asset, and you need to protect it. Our out-of-the-box system management tools give you the flexibility to manage data and users thee way you want.

rex crm contact settings image

Rex CRM is the all in one sales toolkit.

Check out the features overview of all the features and tools included in Rex CRM.

Want to be the highest seller in your farm, talk to Rex.

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A man and a woman sitting at a table having a friendly meeting
A man and a woman sitting at a table having a friendly meeting

"If I didn’t have Rex, I’d probably be doing a third of the calls, tasks… everything that I’m doing. It keeps me accountable."

Peter Hutton,
Principal Hutton & Hutton

Agents, admins, owners. Everyone loves Rex.

Not just a product suite for better client experiences. Rex gives all your staff the tools they need to do their jobs, better.

5 Star Review

When we moved to Rex, I did all of the tasks that I would do in (the old system), like listing a contract and email - all the rest of it - and I’d time myself. Then after three months being proficient in Rex, I timed myself doing exactly the same thing and it was nearly 88 hours of time saved for one person over a month.

Emily Megraw Profile
Emily Megraw
Office Manager at LJ Hooker Nerang
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5 Star Review

The way we are able to systemise and agents life in Rex CRM is crucial to making them not just productive but high-performing as well, and Rex CRM is the key to doing that for our agency.

Will Gosse Profile
[Rex CRM] [AU/NZ] Will Gosse
COO at BresicWhitney
5 Star Review

I tested out five (5) other leading CRM systems, big ones as well ones that have been established for many many years and a lot of people would think they would be the go-to but they did not perform the way that Rex CRM did from a usability, user-friendly aspect.

Steven Barkho Profile
[Rex CRM] [AU/NZ] Steven Barkho
Managing Director/Selling Principal at PRIME Estate Agents
5 Star Review

I researched the hell out of CRMs before committing to Rex. I have been using it now for almost 1 year - and it is life changing! The support is second to none.

Mark MacCabe Profile
[Rex CRM] [AU] Mark MacCabe
Principal of MacCabe Real Estate
5 Star Review

I love being able to operate my business from home, a coffee shop, interstate, or even overseas.

Peter Hutton Profile
[Rex CRM] [AU] Peter Hutton
Agency Owner of Hutton & Hutton
5 Star Review

Rex has helped me cope with the modern demands of real estate.

David Snow Profile
[Rex CRM] [AU] David Snow
Principal of Peter Snow & Co

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We've answered a few frequent questions below. If you have a question not answered here, please contact us and we'll get back to you.

How does the Rex calendar sync?


In the UK we have full two-way syncing capabilities with Gmail,, Office 365, Exchange and iCloud calendars.

What types of properties does Rex support?


All of them - Residential, Rural, Commercial, Land and Business.

How does Rex CRM differ between AU & NZ and the UK versions?

  • The Australian and New Zealand versions of Rex CRM are almost identical.
  • Localisation changes like address formats and postcodes and appropriate GST values (10% in AU, 15% in NZ) are the main changes. Some of the integrations we have work in both AU and NZ, or are either AU or NZ specific.
  • The UK version of Rex has also undergone its own localisation - including pounds instead of dollars, VAT instead of GST, address and postcode updates, some terminology changes (valuation instead of appraisal). Integrations are different and some of the features are UK specific.

What does CRM stand for in real estate?


CRM stands for customer relationship management. In the real estate industry, CRM software is used to manage interactions with vendors, buyers and prospects. Estate agency CRM software can help agents keep track of leads, manage customer communications, and nurture relationships throughout the sales cycle. By using CRM software, real estate professionals can build and maintain better customer relationships and close more deals. If you're not using estate agency CRM in your business, you're missing out on a valuable tool that can help you succeed.

Our integrations help you get the most out of Rex CRM

Connect your real estate database to all the business tools your agency uses, and watch your sales team’s efficiency go through the roof. No more clicking between applications – do it all from Rex.

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Real estate CRM is the key to making your clients even happier

If you are looking for the best CRM for real estate agencies in Australia, NZ, and the UK, you need to look at Rex CRM and Estate Agency Software.

​​When the housing market is booming, you have new clients coming in left and right, and you’re landing sale after sale, the last thing you want to do is hunt through a messy spreadsheet to track your client information. If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, allow us to introduce you to a life-changing tool: our real estate CRM.

A CRM (customer relationship management) system serves as an online database to help you manage your contacts and save precious time on manual data entry.

The combination of Rex’s CRM and Sales & Marketing Automation software is proven in its ability to help real estate businesses grow while creating amazing client experiences along the way. And if it’s not in Rex then you can use our native and third-party integrations to link up with any other functionality you can dream of

We have more than 10,000 real estate agents and admins using Rex CRM every day to buy and sell homes faster than anyone else. This dynamic piece of software is the key to establishing a growth-based agency tech stack.