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We’ve always had RSS feeds incorporated into your Rex dashboard. They’re generally considered a little old-fashioned these days, and you might think they’re a little out of place in a software paragon like Rex. A lost little man in a stovepipe hat, trapped in the past, shaking his fist out of the window of a rocketship. But still RSS feeds endure. It’s like having the newspaper delivered to your doorstep by Peter Pan, and that’s just the way we like it.RSS feeds, for those not in the know, bring any new blogs or articles from supporting websites directly to you. You don’t need to visit each website individually or receive another pesky email newsletter to stay informed. Updates simply appear in Rex like magic.While it’s important to see your day’s tasks in the agenda, and any office news in your stream, it’s just as important - even for the busiest of agents - to spend a few minutes each morning catching up on the latest industry news. RSS feeds, then, are perfect for the busy real estate agent who doesn’t have time to be gallivanting around the ‘net hunting down that new scoop.So without further ado, let’s take a quick look at 7 real estate blogs you’ll want to add to your Rex RSS feed.


REBO, (Real Estate Business Online), is certainly one of my personal favourites. As well as great articles written by staff reporters, REBO have a fantastic opinion section full of articles from countless industry pundits and agents. Plus, unlike many high-level real estate publications, they’re Australian based. Everything you read is blissfully local.They cover everything from technology to the current market. We strongly recommend keeping up to date with what they have to say.As an aside, if you enjoy writing and have something to say, why not send them a few original articles? Writing for third party publications is a great way to get your name out there, and would make for a fantastic social media post.


Inman is a fantastic technology-focused publication. They’re the leading American real estate news source for real estate agents, executives and technology leaders. While some of their best content unfortunately isn’t free, they still release a tonne of great articles you can read for the low, low price of absolutely nothing.While Inman’s focus does certainly centre around real estate technology (there’s a lot on Silicon Valley real estate startups), they also release plenty of articles on new-age marketing practices and buyer and seller metrics and statistics (American, yes - but still quite valuable).

James Dearsley

So far we’ve had American and Australian blogs featured here - but let’s not forget our brothers and sisters in the Queen’s England.Over there, they have a special name for real estate technology: ‘Proptech’. And there’s no better writer on the subject than James Dearsley. His articles span from future construction technologies, financial innovations affecting the real estate sector, and everything in between.As well as adding his blog to your RSS feeds, you should consider signing up for his ‘Sunday Morning PropTech Review’; a collation of the weeks latest real estate technology news. It’s one email you’re actually going to look forward to receiving.

Real pundit

Another great ‘Proptech’ blog: Real Pundit.The writing style is fantastic, and every article is full of both facts and reasoned opinion. Real Pundit often lays out the pros and cons of newfangled marketing tactics and technologies in a easily digestible, enjoyable way. Their commentary is definitely something you don’t want to miss.


If you’re less of an ‘opinion piece’ person, and more of a hard-boiled statistician - look no further than CoreLogic’s very own blog.CoreLogic, Australia’s number one property information provider, release regular articles on their research. Written by Tim Lawless and Cameron Kusher (their senior research analyst), their posts cover everything from construction trends to auction markets. It’s an incredible source of insight for every forward thinking agency.


Similarly, the Real Estate Institutes of Victoria, Australian Capital Territory, South Australia and Queensland all have their own blogs, which are full of localised, highly-informative information on market and consumer trends.If you’re an agent in any of these four states - these blogs are a must have.

The Rex blog

Of course, what Rex RSS feed would be complete without the Rex Blog? Common sense, really. It’s by far the best publication on the internet. Get in line, Harvard Business Review.

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