Here's to strong women - may we know them, may we be them, may we recognise them

Anything that supports women to invest in themselves, share their experiences and feel confident to face a future of change is something we’ll support. That's why we're sponsoring this year's REB Top Women in Real Estate awards, recognising the best female talent in the industry!Haven't entered yet? Be quick! Submissions close this Friday, 27 July 2018.

Why is it important for Rex to show support for the Top 50 Women in Real Estate?

Just like real estate, tech is a traditionally male dominated field. As a leading technology company, we recognise that diversity fosters innovation. We’re committed to having a strong balance of females in all roles within our teams - from development, to design, to sales, and marketing. It makes us a better company, and helps us bring the best products to market. It also stems from the founding story of the company. Lana - the mother of co-founders Anton and Alex Babkov - knows first-hand that real estate is a tough gig. In a past life, she was a top-performing agent. The Rex CRM was originally Lana’s brainchild: a software solution to provide visibility over her entire client base, streamline tasks and automate wherever possible. Certain that she could help other agents achieve success through tech, she convinced Anton and Alex to join her - and Rex Software was born. Getting behind initiatives like the Top 50 Women in Real Estate is an extension of our commitment to these values. Programs like this play an important role in recognising female leaders, role models and innovators within the Australian real estate industry.

What do you think women bring to the real estate industry that no one else does?

If history has taught us anything (and it’s taught us a lot), it’s that a passionate and determined woman can achieve anything. It’s not about being nurturing or empathetic - real estate is a tough, competitive and stressful world. In every woman who has submitted for these awards, there’s a strong will to succeed, resilience, the ability to close a sale and - most importantly - a willingness to put themselves out there. They’re building a powerful presence in the real estate industry, and shouldn't be underestimated. Ultimately, companies who aren’t celebrating women’s skill sets, and embracing diversity - to put it bluntly - just won’t last.

How important are rankings such as the Top 50 women for the industry?

There are many incredibly inspiring and successful women in the industry. Celebrating their achievements is empowering and uniting for the wider industry. We hope that programs like this will help to battle underrepresentation, show equal respect for hard work, and showcase role models for other female agents to aspire to emulate. It unapologetically promotes ambition for women in the industry, and provides a platform for women to learn about what it takes to get to the top.

What do you think the future holds for women in the real estate industry?

While women make up around 65% of the real estate industry, you’ll find only a handful working in the top jobs. Reports show that women are joining the property industry at entry-level, but leaving before they move up the ladder. We're confident the future holds a higher proportional representation in management and other senior positions. This is certainly an industry where women are on the move upward.

How does Rex support women in real estate?

Directly, we’re proud to be the main partner of the REB Top 50 Women in Real Estate. We want to applaud the female agents doing an outstanding job, whether they are our customers or not. More indirectly, it’s our goal to help them succeed every day with our products. Just like these agents, we realise that real estate is not about property, it’s about people. Most agents are in the industry to guide others through their most important and emotional transactions, and they work their butts off doing it. We’re in a position to make our customers’ lives easier, to help them experience a better work/life balance, while still making it possible for them to achieve top tier results.

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