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A brand new partnership between Rex and Juwai

A big opportunity for youEvery so often, major change can creep into an industry and fundamentally shift the way it operates. We believe that the rise of the Chinese real estate investor is one of those changes for Australia's real estate industry.From million dollar trophy homes through to more modest condominiums, Chinese property buyers are the fastest growing segment of global property with over US$36 billion in global residential sales in 2012 to Chinese buyers.Property is their investment of choice and with low performing stock markets and minimal returns from property investment within China, the demand for international property is accelerating and is estimated to reach US$50 billion this year. In Australia alone, we are on target to reach AUD$4.1 billion in sales for the year 2012 / 2013.Today, I’m pleased to announce that Rex is partnering with Juwai.com, the number one international Chinese property website for high net worth Chinese buyers. We want Rex’s clients and their properties to gain maximum exposure to the Chinese investor.Over the last six months Juwai has signed partnerships with the likes of LJ Hooker, Property Guru, Zoopla and NAR. Today, they announce a partnership with Rex. I'm proud that many of Rex's clients are fiercely independent. However without the benefit of franchise negotiating power, it’s not always easy for you as independent agencies to gain direct access to offerings like Juwai.com. We want to bring those benefits to you.All subscriptions include:

  • Property exposure on the worlds largest Chinese language portal for international property
  • Juwai call centre support to assist with any leads
  • Brand building company profile pages with translated company profile (residential 20 and residential 50 packages only)
  • Premium access to Juwai support services to help you understand the Chinese market
  • Ability to market locally and internationally to Chinese consumers in both Simplified and Traditional Chinese
  • Monthly feature property quota to enhance your chosen listings

What’s on offer with Juwai.com

More than just a portal, Juwai provides unique services like professional translation and a toll free Chinese language call centre to process local enquiries on your properties.Juwai.com is your agency’s pathway to the Chinese market and China.Below – we’ve highlighted three products offered by Juwai that we believe will best serve Rex’s users:

Residential 50

Provides outstanding exposure for up to 50 listings (20 photos, two floor plans), your own unique agency URL, 300 word translated company profile showing your properties and currency / metric conversions.Download PDF

Luxury Residential

3 month highlight listing of a single luxury property designed to deliver maximum impact for properties at the luxury end of the residential property market.Download PDF

New Developments

Expose your new project to the Chinese audience by providing your project and brand with increased awareness in the market and give maximum exposure to high net worth Chinese investors.Download PDF

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