The Battle of the Tech Bands Returns: Tech Community Set to Rock the Stage Again!

Battle of the Tech Bands Brisbane 2023

There's something electrifying about the buzz before the first strum, the anticipation in the air – the shared passion for music and community. This is the feeling that envelops you at the Battle of the Tech Bands - and it's back this year, bigger and better than ever before!

The tech community in Brisbane is vibrant and diverse, and our annual Battle of the Tech Bands is a testament to this. We saw an incredible display of talent and camaraderie last year, with bands forming, growing, and conquering their personal challenges.

What makes Battle of the Tech Bands so unique is the people. Individuals who had never played an instrument before stepped onto the stage completely out of their comfort zones. Last year, we saw people confront their nerves to deliver unforgettable performances, and it's these displays of resilience that make the event so special.

Remember, it's not just about the music. It's about the connection, the experience, the shared enjoyment and the sense of community that comes from participating in something larger than ourselves. As one band member put it last year, "the competitors are just as important as the music."

We're expecting an even greater display of courage and talent this year, as the tech community in Brisbane comes together once again to rock the stage and celebrate our shared love for music and community.

Layla Foord, the COO of Rex expressed it beautifully, "The Battle of the Tech Bands isn't just a fun night out, it's about bringing people together and celebrating our vibrant, diverse tech community. It's about music, fun, and community."

This year's line-up includes some exciting tech bands ready to rock the stage:

  1. Jumbos Band - Last year's winners, ready to defend their title!
  2. ShipRex - The hosts of the event – that’s us – and hot favourites to win!
  3. Gizmos – Ready to take on the competition for the gold!
  4. CitrusAd - The new kids on the block, looking to make their mark!
  5. FoundU - Last year's crowd favourites, back to claim the top spot!

The Battle of the Tech Bands will be held at 6:30pm on Thursday, 24th August, 2023, at The Triffid in Brisbane, Queensland. Don't miss out on this night of music, community, and fun. Tickets are now available online, and with the popularity of last year's event, they're selling fast. Secure your spot today and be a part of this vibrant celebration of the Brisbane tech community.

So, clear your schedules, gather your friends, and join us for a night of music, fun, and community. Come and be a part of something special - The Battle of the Tech Bands is back!

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Head to Moshtix to get your tickets and support our bands and this year’s charity Beyond Blue.

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