Social media in real estate: facebook timeline for pages

Now that the Facebook Timeline has been rolled out to personal profiles, the social networking giant is unleashing this latest feature to brand Pages.Last week Facebook announced the upgrade to brand Pages and already a number of large and small corporations alike have made the switch. Coca-Cola’s Facebook Page was one of the first to switch from the old layout to Timeline.Timeline for brand pages will go live on March 30th 2012, but is available now for any early adopters.

So what is changing?

I could type it all out myself, but there’s already an awesome blog that outlines the some of the major changes already.I recommend reading Facebook Brand Timelines: 6 Big Changes Every Marketer Needs to Understand on Mashable before continuing reading this blog.

What you should be doing to prepare

Start thinking about your Timeline Cover Image – once Timeline goes live, you will need a cover image that will be featured at the top of your page (see the Coca Cola example above). A lot of screen real estate has been giving to this image and you should be featuring something powerful, engaging and captivating to your audience.Timeline allows you to add events that precede even Facebook itself. You should go through the history of your agency and mark milestones like the date your agency was founded, when you changed offices, when you had your 500th sale, when you won an REI award for something etc. Any company milestone can be added to Timeline. This will give a personal touch to the page that your clients will love!

I’m prepared! What next?

Well a Rex Software blog on a new Facebook feature wouldn’t be complete without a video tutorial. The video below outlines everything you need to know about Timeline for pages, how to enable it and some of the main cool features and how to use them!

I’ve done it!

I’ve just enabled Timeline for the Rex Software Facebook page (which you SHOULD have liked by now, but if you haven’t go there and do it now!).Let us know via our Facebook page or the comments below when you have enabled your timeline!

If you want to understand more about how our large agency and enterprise customers are using our API, find out here!

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