Fake Rex emails: phishing scam

Bad news, friends. It appears that Rexperts, real estate agents, property managers, admin staff, our Mums - pretty much anyone with an email address in our system - is being targeted by a phishing scam.You may receive (or may have already received) an email from "Rex" asking you to click a link and confirm your identity. This email is NOT from Rex.Before we delve into what phishing is and how to spot it, a word of warning: please DO NOT click any of the links. If you do, you will be sent to a third party website that looks like the Rex login screen. Your username and password will be captured and used to login to Rex on your behalf.The bottom-feeders of the internet will then likely use your details to upload luxury rental properties at reduced prices to realestate.com and Domain in an attempt to defraud potential tenants.If you’re a Rex client and you’ve clicked (or think you may have clicked) one of these links, please change your password in Rex as soon as possible. To change your password, login to Rex and click "Hi {Your Name} > Profile > Change Password".Now, let’s dissect this piece of garbage - shall we?It looks a little like this:

Seems legit, right?Not quite.First of all, we will NEVER ask you to update your details or provide information like this unless we also do so here on our blog and via in-app announcements. If you’re ever asked for account details, passwords or any information concerning your identity - alarm bells should be going off in your head.Secondly, take a look at the Reply-To address “m20585005@gmail.com”. Look familiar? It shouldn’t - we’ve never seen it before.Thirdly, none of our staff would ever dream of letting such a poorly worded piece of correspondence see the light of day. Grammatical and spelling errors are a sackable offense! (Well, not quite - but we take this stuff pretty seriously).

Don’t panic

Unfortunately, phishing scams are unavoidable - but we are investigating additional ways to reduce the impact of these on your accounts.With that said, the best defense against any spam or phishing attempt starts and ends with you - the recipient. Knowing signs to look for can help us all stay safer as individuals, and as a company.If you ever receive an email that you’re not sure about, please forward it to our Support team at support@rexsoftware.com.

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