Unlock the opportunities in your database

Feel like you're losing out to top agents? The opportunities you're losing are probably already in your database.

Only 1-in-8 homeowners re-list with their selling agent? You can change this statistic for your agency.

Increase repeat business with Past Buyer workflows

Did you know, on average a staggering 91% of contacts in your CRM database haven’t heard from you in the last 6 months? That's a huge amount of potential business. Stop letting past buyers go on to sell with a competitor, or vendors from ‘cold’ valuations forget you exist. Unlock the potential of that previously ‘archived’ database to book more valuations with Rex’s follow-up workflows, called Tracks. Watch the video to see how a Past Buyer Track will win you more repeat business.

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Fill your database with new prospects

Our native integration with Land Registry UK gives you the ability to import every address in your area into your database. With your list of local properties locked in, you can start to build your knowledge of the home owners and begin prospecting for new business. Just completed a viewing of one of your listings? Bring up the details of other properties on the same street using the Rex mobile app and und use it to conduct on-the-spot appraisals for neighbouring properties that may be ready to sell.

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Win more instructions with Reverse Buyer Match

Just conducted an appraisal? Leverage the matching engine in Rex to run a Reverse Match for buyers. Simply select your match requirements then run a search across your database, and hey presto! Rex will show you a list of all the active buyers in your database who are looking for a property just like this one. You can then confidently say to your prospect, “If you choose to list with me, I have 12 qualified buyers that I can contact right now to let them know about this new listing opportunity and get them through your property for a viewing”. Who wouldn’t sign on the dotted line?

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Build a following of ‘hot buyers’

Struggling to build a social media following for your agency? One simple way to turn this around is by using Rex’s ‘Portal Upload Delay’ feature. Simply go 'live' with your Listing in Rex and on your website, and set a delay of a few days before that Listing gets pushed to the Portals. Then dangle the carrot! Let each new buyer you register know that if they subscribe to your mailing list or follow your social accounts, they’ll get 'early access' to new listings - before they go to the 'open market'. 'Hot' buyers will jump at this opportunity to get ahead.

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Set yourself up for success with streamlined agency admin
Set yourself up for success with streamlined agency admin
Not just a product suite for better client experiences. Rex gives all your staff the tools they need to do their jobs, better. We’ve streamlined agency admin, so your whole business can do more with less. Find out how.
Streamlined Data Management for Real Estate Professionals
Rex puts your mundane tasks on auto-pilot, so you can focus on what really matters.
Rex puts your mundane tasks on auto-pilot, so you can focus on what really matters.
Rex CRM helps agencies put more on auto-pilot so agents can spend less time stuck in admin and more time face-to-face with prospects. Explore automation features.
Maximize your real estate geo prospecting efforts with Rex CRM. Bulk import properties, access live data, and create CMAs seamlessly. Integrations with Core Logic RP Data and APM PriceFinder put control and efficiency at your fingertips. Experience precision and customisation tailored to your needs.
More than 2,500 agencies trust Rex for their daily operations
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