Pipeline visibility and follow-up made easy

Feel empowered to own data and use it to gain visibility across your real estate business, examining the efficiency and productivity of both agents and admins. Save time and hassle by accessing easily consumable financial data and business performance insights at a glance. With Rex, you can get actionable insights through interactive Custom Reports, all with fewer clicks. Together, we streamline the hard time-consuming tasks so you can focus on customer relationships and sell more for a higher price.

More data. More visibility. More opportunities.

Empowering UK Estate Agency Roles with Custom Reporting

Getting visibility over your data just got easier. Introducing a compelling set of configurable reports that allow you to customise your agency’s reporting. Load thousands of records at a time with dozens of adjustable columns and the capability to group, aggregate and pivot data. Plus, built-in interactive reports give you the benefits of reporting without having to dive in and create your own from scratch.

Streamline your operations

In the competitive UK real estate market, Rex offers a suite of tools designed specifically for Listers, Negotiators, and Progressors. With visibility over listings, simplified follow-ups for viewings and valuations, and efficient call lists management, you can streamline daily operations and focus on achieving higher sales success.

  • Enhanced Visibility: Have visibility over your listings. See more data at a glance without needing to click into records, with an interactive reporting solution. Unlock insights that will allow you to convert more listings and sales.
  • Effortless Follow-Up: View all recently completed viewings in one place, so you can easily contact applicants for offers or feedback. Follow up viewings & valuations with ease, and never miss a sales opportunity by using recorded feedback to propose an alternate listing and book in a viewing.
  • Streamlined Calls Management: Use your CRM more efficiently and build specific call lists to contact hot prospects. Easier call lists with the data you need all on one screen simplify the process of day-to-day tasks, allowing you to connect with the right clients at the right time.
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Enhancing Administrative Excellence

In the UK's rapidly evolving real estate landscape, administrative roles are pivotal in maintaining order, efficiency, and success. Rex's comprehensive tools are designed to aid Admins in improving data quality, tracking offers, and managing contracts effortlessly. With powerful custom reporting and intuitive features, we help Admins stay in control of the critical elements that drive an agency's operations.

  • Data Quality Improvement: The best way to encourage better data quality is better data visibility! Custom Reporting with Rex will help to highlight data improvement opportunities across your agency, ensuring accuracy and confidence in your information management.
  • Offers Pipeline Visibility: Get visibility into the offers pipeline like never before. Our tools allow you to track and monitor every stage of the offer process, helping you stay ahead of the curve.
  • Efficient Contract Management: Contract management made easy with Rex. Keep track of important upcoming dates and mark the key milestones. Our system allows for seamless tracking and organisation, ensuring that you never miss a detail.

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Data-driven custom reports help you lead with insight

In a market as complex and competitive as real estate, Directors and Business Owners require a clear view of team performance, alignment, and data quality. Rex provides the insights and tools needed to manage these essential aspects. With custom reporting, easy sharing, and enhanced visibility, we empower leaders to drive their teams to success and ensure that every decision is informed and aligned.

  • Team Productivity Visibility: Have visibility over the team's productivity and get unprecedented insights into productivity metrics. By choosing the data field you want to explore, Custom Reporting allows you to pull in related data, filter, group, and pivot, enabling you to see the KPI performance across your team.
  • Unified Team Alignment: Keep your team on the same page and take a new approach to your morning meetings. Rally the team with reports you can share and save across your agency, ensuring that everyone is aligned. View the exact metrics that are most relevant for your agency, fostering collaboration and clarity.
  • Data Quality Assurance: Improve data quality and build confidence in your agency's information. Better data visibility leads to better quality, and Custom Reporting helps highlight improvement opportunities across your organization, reinforcing accuracy and reliability.
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Rex CRM gives you the tools to build stronger, longer-lasting customer relationships.
Rex CRM gives you the tools to build stronger, longer-lasting customer relationships.
Enhance your open home experience with Rex Mobile's Open Homes feature. From quick attendee check-ins to personalized call handling with Caller ID, manage your real estate interactions effortlessly. Utilise Rex CRM’s Tracks for tailored customer journeys, ensuring consistent and top-notch service at every stage. Learn how Rex can revolutionise your real estate practices today.
Our local care team is here for you, whether you’re in Australia, New Zealand, or the UK.
Our local care team is here for you, whether you’re in Australia, New Zealand, or the UK.
At Rex, our customer support approach is designed to provide you with efficient and specialised assistance. We understand that you are busy and that your time is valuable
Set yourself up for success with streamlined agency admin
Set yourself up for success with streamlined agency admin
Not just a product suite for better client experiences. Rex gives all your staff the tools they need to do their jobs, better. We’ve streamlined agency admin, so your whole business can do more with less. Find out how.
Rex puts your mundane tasks on auto-pilot, so you can focus on what really matters.
Rex puts your mundane tasks on auto-pilot, so you can focus on what really matters.
Rex CRM helps agencies put more on auto-pilot so agents can spend less time stuck in admin and more time face-to-face with prospects. Explore automation features.
More than 2,500 agencies trust Rex for their daily operations
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