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About Us

We are Rexlabs – a sixty-person product house creating software driven solutions for the real estate service and broader property sector.

We work at the bleeding edge of technology, keeping usability and simplicity at our core. We believe software should be easy to use, satisfying to work with and – most importantly – make you better at what you do.

That’s why 1,100 agencies across Australia and New Zealand trust us to help them succeed, every day. We’ve seen single offices close 815 sales in a year, and single agents close 114 of those. And we’ve been there by their side, with the champagne.

It’s our goal to deliver the very best product, again and again, constantly improving and releasing new solutions to keep our users ahead of the game.

With tools for directors, salespeople and administrators, however you work – we’ll work hard to make Rex the last CRM you’ll ever have to buy.