Rex is an Australian technology company. We started in 2010 with the goal of building a usable CRM for the real estate industry. We want to encourage people to use our product to its full potential – to help them reach their full potential.

By building software that’s stress-free and simple, we hope to make it as accessible to every agent as possible. If we achieve our goal of creating helpful software that people actually want to use, we can fundamentally change the rules of the real estate industry.




With this in mind, we built a company based on three principles:

A simple CRM

We work to create a CRM that’s clean, easy on the eye and so simple that our grandparents could work it out. Our definition of ‘simple’ doesn’t involve fewer features, but plenty of features within the grasp of everyone. Software should make high-end technology easily available to every kind of user.


Technology now plays a role in almost every aspect of business, and the pace of modernization is only increasing. We believe our users are entitled to rely on us – their developers – to help them keep stride alongside technology as it races into the future. Our software should improve as quickly as technology changes.

Users as Partners

The relationship between Rex and our users should always remain a two-way street. As service providers, acting on user feedback and constantly improving your business is our core mission. In doing so, we make our software better, and our users our greatest advocates.