Feature release: pocket agenda redesigns

Pocket agenda

For years now, you’ve been able to print a Pocket Agenda of your reminders (emails, letters, SMS messages, phone calls and tasks) and ‘action’ them offline, ticking them off as you go. There’s a real sense of accomplishment in working through a ‘to do’ list, which is probably why this functionality is so popular. For those of you who are yet to discover the wonders of the printable Pocket Agenda, all you need to do is:

  1. click Reminders on the dashboard
  2. filter your reminders as you wish
  3. click Pocket Agenda.

In just a few seconds, you’ll have a printable list of reminders. Those of you that HAVE been using agendas have told us (by creating and voting on UserVoice suggestions) that you want to be able to create agendas for more records. You also want to see more information about each agenda item. Your wish is our command!

Meet your new Pocket Agenda

We’ve given the Pocket Agenda a functional makeover!The old Pocket Agenda fit five items on each page. It was a bit of a tight squeeze, so now there are only two agenda items per page. You’ve got lots more space to take notes (and to display additional info - we’ll get to this in just a moment).

Printable agenda

We’ve also created a new section for each agenda item, where you can jot down notes for a follow-up reminder.

Next reminder

More records

You can still create your Pocket Agenda by navigating to Reminders from the dashboard, but the functionality now also supports agenda printouts for Contacts, Listings and Properties as well as some of the new record types we’ve got coming for you. (Stay tuned!)Simply navigate to a list view, apply a filter and then select one or more records. A new action button will appear: Pocket Agenda. Click it to generate an agenda for those specific records.

More records

This means you (or your assistant) could filter a list of contacts you haven’t spoken to in six months, generate an agenda and take it with you to appointments. When you have spare time between a listing presentation or private inspection, whip it out and start actioning!

More information

Each item printed off in a pocket agenda now includes more information, making it easier for you to action tasks.

More information

As you can see, you’ll now get:

  • multiple contact phone numbers plus an email address (rather than just the primary contact number)
  • recent notes left on related records
  • more detail about related records.

The reason we’ve done this release is to allow you to action even more tasks on the go, and give you the background to have more meaningful conversations with your vendors and potential buyers. So jump in to your dashboard, and see the changes for yourself!If you supported any Pocket Agenda ideas in UserVoice that have now been implemented, your vote has been released. Be sure to jump back in and vote on something new!

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