Custom tab update for property and contact records

Like a fine wine, Rex is only getting better with age. Today we’re releasing some significant improvements to the custom tab functionality. This functionality, while helpful, has lacked that little something extra. So we’ve taken the time to hit it with the upgrade stick and make it as fantastic as it should be.As a reminder, our custom tab functionality allows you to store extra, specialised information about property and contact records that are unique to the way your agency does business. To find out more search “custom tabs” from the help menu or take a look at the use cases at the end of this feature release.

New ability to add property tabs to listings, and new custom tabs for listings

You are now able to access your Property custom tabs from the Listings screen. This means no more moving between the Properties and Listing screens when you need a specific piece of information.You’re now also able to create your own custom tabs specifically for the Listings module.

New data types, and update to security restrictions for custom data

You didn’t think that was it did you? Today, we’re also adding support for Date and Numeric fields (including currency) as well allowing you to specify “helper” text for each tab to give users guidance in filling out data.Finally, we’ve added a new level of security for your tabs. Each tab now has its own unique security settings. You can select some of your tabs to remain open and able to be viewed and changed by any staff, while other tabs can be closed off to restrict sensitive information from users that don’t need to see it.

A primer on using custom data

Here are some examples of how your fellow Rex users get the most out of custom tabs:

  • Unique properties: storing information about particular categories of unique property: like heritage listed buildings
  • Business tabs: Recording data about different types of business (e.g. a “shopping centre” tab or a “caravan park” tab).
  • Rural specifics: some rural properties are sold with barns, livestock and custom tabs allow you to record that detail
  • Property development: information about properties with development potential or a property developer’s unique requirements for property types.

As well as expanding the way this functionality is generally used, today’s release opens up some other opportunities:

  • Sale / Listing checklists: the addition of listing tabs and tab permissions restrictions means that admin staff can use custom tabs to complete previously paper-based checklists.
  • Compliance information: the ability to store dates and pricing information makes custom tabs useful for recording compliance data (like the date your agency provided a client their CMA, and the appraisal range, for stages where disclosure is mandatory).

Hope you like this release – much more to come in the next few weeks.

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