Custom Reporting Best Practice

Custom Reports is a powerful feature in Rex that lets you build highly customisable and interactive reports that can be shared with others in your agency. More data, more visibility, more opportunities.

Building your own Report

Rex users have the flexibility to choose the data they want to include, the format in which they want to present the information, and the level of detail they require. This feature enables Principals and Admin teams to focus on key metrics, and track performance indicators that are essential for making informed decisions. In this session, Cynthia will show you how to rearrange a Custom Report to suit your needs.

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Personal Planner

Agents can utilise Custom Reporting to organise and nurture their upcoming appointments. This will help Rex users stay organised and manage their time effectively. Cynthia takes your through the Appointment Custom Report - this provides a clear overview of scheduled commitments, helping individuals avoid double bookings and ensuring they allocate appropriate time for each activity.

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