Appraisals Pipeline

Win more listings with our new appraisal pipeline

You can now forecast at every pipeline stage and tailor to your business process with our Trello style board.

  • Segment Your Pipeline: View your pipeline by expected close date or stage, offering flexibility in how you track and prioritise deals for better planning and forecasting.
  • Prioritise Active Opportunities & Focus on Key Deals: Concentrate on the listing you’re most likely to win to optimise your time.
  • Engage with vendors: Keep in contact with everyone involved in your appraisals pipeline.
  • Prioritise Active Opportunities: Keep your attention focused on active vendors to ensure no opportunity is missed.
  • Track Commission Forecasts: View estimated commissions by stage and expected closing date for Improved financial planning..
  • Centralised Access & Streamline Workflows: All crucial information is easily accessible from a single centralised view, simplifying your process for efficiency.

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