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As the UK property market continues to evolve, a significant trend is the shift towards the self-employed agency model. The Estate Agency stands out as a forward-thinking entity, embracing the broker model to cater to the changing needs of vendors disillusioned with the traditional corporate estate agency experience.

The implementation of Rex Sales & Lettings CRM was spearheaded by Chris Buckler, The Estate Agency's founder, motivated by its exceptional compatibility with the broker model. Key features of Rex Sales & Lettings CRM have been instrumental in transforming the agency's operations and client engagement strategies, helping them to grow the agency and maintain a competitive edge in an increasingly agent-centric, technology-driven market.

"Rex is brilliant for the broker model… When our agents go to pitch, they’ve got the best tools to lift them up” – Chris Buckler, founder of The Estate Agency's

A Seamlessly Integrated CRM System

At the heart of this transformation is the expansive suite of integrations within Rex Sales & Lettings CRM, eliminating the need for multiple disjointed systems, streamlining processes and significantly reducing administrative burdens. Buckler points out the benefits of having a single point of access for brokers, "from a Facebook ad all the way through to when they buy seven years later, you can monitor that journey and you don’t have to log into different systems.” The open API of Rex Sales & Lettings CRM further enhances this by allowing seamless integration with any other required functionalities, ensuring that the agency's technological infrastructure can grow and adapt with the business.

Core Features:

  • Single Point of Access: Rex Sales & Lettings CRM serves as the unified command center for all activities, simplifying operations and enhancing efficiency.
  • Integration Mastery: Compatibility with a wide array of tools, such as Zapier and Acaboom, enables The Estate Agency to automate processes, saving valuable administrative time.
  • Boundless Customisation: The open API of Rex Sales & Lettings CRM facilitates limitless integrations, fostering a seamless flow of data and interactions.

Elevated Client Experiences

Central to The Estate Agency's success is its commitment to unparalleled client experiences. Leveraging Rex Sales & Lettings CRM's comprehensive customer journey tracking and open API for custom automation, the agency ensures personalised journeys for each client. This includes building their own email interaction analytics for targeted follow-ups and prioritising engagement strategies, along with ensuring high-touch customer service through automated text messages. Buckler highlights the importance of availability, "Our agents can be winning instructions because they’re available in the evenings when clients need them." This strategy has significantly increased customer satisfaction and loyalty, setting The Estate Agency apart from its high-street competitors.

Core Features:

  • Meticulous Journey Tracking: Rex Sales & Lettings CRM racks the client's journey from initial contact to final sale, ensuring exceptional management and service.
  • Immediate Response: Custom automations enable agents to promptly respond to clients, even outside traditional working hours.
  • Insightful Interaction Tracking: Detailed email analytics, built using Rex’s Open API, enable targeted follow-ups, ensuring no lead is left behind.
"I'm using Rex as a tool to allow me to work out who to phone and when to phone them rather than a standard CRM.”

Choosing a Tech Partnership That Powers Growth

The decision to partner with Rex as a CRM provider has been pivotal for The Estate Agency. Buckler highlights, "The ongoing support with Rex has been excellent. We had a vision, and we wanted a software supplier who understood that vision and would evolve with us." This partnership has not only provided the technological backbone needed to thrive but also ensured that the agency remains at the forefront of estate agency. Through this collaboration, The Estate Agency has not just adapted to the evolving market but has set new standards for success in the industry.

“I’ve got a tech partner, I don’t need to worry about what’s happening in my tech stack”

Advice for Agents Considering the Switch

This year Buckler predicts a significant shift towards the self-employed agency model, driven by a challenging market that facilitates the transition from traditional models. For agents contemplating this career move, Buckler offers both pragmatic and strategic advice. Emphasising financial preparedness, he advises, "You have to have financial means to survive six months." When selecting an agency partnership for this journey, Buckler's mantra is clear: seek support, not just infrastructure. "Choosing a supportive partner over the cheapest option can make a significant difference in your success," Buckler notes.

Final Thoughts

As the market continues to shift towards more flexible and technology-driven models, The Estate Agency's approach offers valuable insights for other estate agents considering a similar transition. Their journey highlights the critical role of choosing the right technology partners, the benefits of a seamlessly integrated CRM system, and the paramount importance of delivering elevated client experiences.  

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