Nailing your listing ad creative

By now you're probably sold on the power of digital advertising on social media and the web. The question is what do you put in your ads.

In this Reach Bite we're going to take a look at how to choose photos and write copy for an audience that gets you results.

The ad creative is where we leave it to you to work your magic. There are two important things to remember when you're writing creative for digital campaigns vs. the portals:

  • Firstly, you're addressing a wider audience and your ad creative needs to be engaging to draw people in
  • Secondly, you’re competing for attention with other advertisers on the internet so your ad needs to be super simple and to the point.

You only have a few words and a couple of images to promote your listing. So when choosing your ad copy and images, put yourself in the shoes of those you are wanting to target and think and ask yourself what is likely to catch their attention.

You’ll need to think about three aspects when you craft your ad -

  • Firstly, you should select photos that really showcase the property’s uniqueness. You’ve only got two to choose from - so choose wisely! We'd recommend picking an image that shows off something unique about the property and an image that's not too cluttered with detail.
  • Then, you’ll need to write a headline that will get noticed - if the property has room for a horse … here’s where you need to grab the attention of that local horse lover. If you have a funny bone - consider adding in some tactical humour. It all helps.
  • The last piece of the puzzle is the description - keeping it quick to browse and catchy is a skill - but it's what you have been perfecting for years. Just remember - keep it to the point and to always put a call to action at the end of your description. If you want them to book an open home, be sure to mention this here.

You can't change the property you're selling but your ad creative has a major effect on campaign performance so it's important to take the time to get it right. You never know - your copy may help find someone who sees your listing as a diamond in the rough.

With any type of advertising, your goal is to get the most value out of your ad spend - and with Rex Reach (formerly Spoke), we’ve made it so simple that anyone with a good view of the perfect buyer can create a campaign in just a few clicks.

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