Feature Release: Video only now available for Brand Awareness Campaigns

A picture is worth a thousand words… but sometimes you just want to use a video. And that’s why you can now run branding campaigns using a video only.

How does it work?

It’s simple. Start a new “increase agency brand awareness” campaign, deselect all images and upload a video on the “Provide details” page. Click “next” and finish the other steps as usual. 

Please note that campaigns with video only will run only on Facebook and Instagram as Google doesn’t run video ads. If you’d like your campaign to appear on the Google network as well, you will have to choose two images in addition to the video.

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Stuck for video campaign ideas? Scroll down to see 3 video campaigns you could film and launch all within a day!

Video Campaign Ideas to Help Generate New Listings

Below are just a few of many video brand campaign ideas you could launch via Spoke. Each one is intended to reach and engage with potential sellers - moving them through the three key phases of the home moving journey, until they invite you for a listing presentation.

The “Watching” Phase - Register to Win...

Shoot a short video announcing a competition / giveaway you’re running that people can register for. There’s a lot of scope to be creative and generous with this one, such as tickets to events, vouchers etc. You know your local community best and know what they’ll love. By giving something away of real value, you can capture contact info of people in your local farm area, build / update your CRM database and nurture those leads.

The “Researching” Phase - Hyper-Local Market Updates

With many homeowners uncertain about the state of the market, you can engage potential clients by providing a quick snapshot video wrap of your market report that highlights key activity in the area for that week or month (sales, auctions etc).

The “Selling” Phase - We’ve got buyers

Finally, if you’ve got buyer leads but don’t have the properties they’re after, shoot a quick video discussing the different types of properties they’re demanding. Your video could be what helps a homeowner realise that properties just like theirs are in high demand - and you’re the agent they need to speak to.

Interested in learning more about your long-term brand campaign strategy to generate more listings? We’re here to help!

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