Rex now integrates with your favourite e-Sign providers

Gone are the days when you’d need to get a physical signature on a contract, then rush it over to the other party for signing, and then back to the office to scan it into your system. Thanks to the creation of e-signatures, you (and your clients) can do it all from a mobile phone, tablet or laptop – saving the trees and your time. Yet another reason why we love the interwebs.

(On another note, anything that removes any unnecessary human interaction is a positive right now – and zipping all over town to get signatures sure seems unnecessary, given the tech tools we have at our disposal.)

It’s not just contracts that need signing.‍

Every day, your office is dealing with offers, listing agreements, and other documents that require signatures.

We want you to take full advantage of every opportunity to save time. So, we’ve built an integration with DocuSign and HelloSign so you can send documents and collect e-signatures, all from within Rex.

e-Signatures have revolutionised the way we all do business

Apart from the obvious time-saving element, there’s a whole list of benefits that come with electronic signatures. If you choose to use either of these integrations with Rex:

  • you’ll only ever have one version of any document.
  • you can say goodbye to embarrassing typos!The merge functionality (merging your contact, listing, and property data in Rex into your form templates) will save you even more time, and help ensure your documents are always accurate.
  • all parties can sign wherever they are, speeding up the process.
  • there’s no chance of a document getting lost – it’s immediately sent to all parties once the final signee has inserted their signature.

Here’s how it works

With this new integration, you’re able to send documents from inside Rex, automatically merge contact and listing details into your document templates, and track signing progress from within Rex. But first, you need to activate the integration.

From the main menu, click Admin and then Integrations. Navigate to the Discover page, select either the DocuSign or HelloSign tile, and then click Activate. Type in a connection name (the name you’re giving this integration), and then Activate.

Navigate back to the Active integrations page and you’ll be able to click on your newly activated integration and configure your settings. Here you can pull in document templates you’ve already set up in DocuSign or HelloSign, choose how you want data to be merged, and more.

Once configured, you can access the integration from the bar on the right of the listing property record. Here you can send a new document out for signing. You can also check the status of documents you’ve already sent out, and spot a potential bottleneck.

Please note that you’ll need your own DocuSign or HelloSign account to use this functionality. If you’re using HelloSign, you’ll also need to separately purchase an API plan.

Haven’t got a DocuSign account yet?

No worries at all – our team is here to help. Reach out to support at so we can get you up and running.

That’s all for today! As always, if you’ve got a feature suggestion, head to UserVoice. We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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