Automate workflows for consistency and productivity

Standardise agency processes and maximise your team's productivity with the help of Rex’s built-in, customisable workflows. Put your task automation into overdrive with the Rex + Zapier integration. Zapier handles your busywork by connecting all your apps and services together to run automated workflows behind the scenes.

Save hours on maintaining your database

Your database is your most valuable asset. Save hours on maintaining it with features that automate work that has traditionally been required to maintain a clean database. With leads auto-parsing, new portal leads are directed straight into your CRM without the need for manual processing. New leads can be matched to existing contact records and Rex’s data deduplication saves admins hours on merging existing duplicate records. Find out how LJ Hooker Nerang saved over 88 hours a month on admin tasks, with these features.

Deliver customer service that wins clients for life

Today's buyer is tomorrow's seller, that’s why it’s important to build relationships that last a lifetime. Delight buyers with real-time updates from Rex CRM’s matching features. Automatically send SMS and email listing updates to the right buyers at the right time with properties that match their requirements. Automated follow-up reminders help agents stay in touch at critical points in the homeowner journey ensuring your agency is top of mind when vendors are ready to sell.

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Features to Put Your Tasks on Auto-Pilot

Rex CRM is packed full of features that are helping agents automate more of their day

Reminders and Tracks

Rex is your agency's roadmap to best practice, consistent follow-up for engaged prospects.

Best practice follow-up in 3, 2, 1

Bored in a cafe? Why not tick off a bunch of reminders and let your clients know you are thinking about them. Swipe to SMS or email, choose your template, hit send and you are done.

Bulk Merge & Step-Through

Connect your real estate agency's best practice templates to tasks for rapid-fire client follow-ups.


Integrate Rex with over 3,000 apps

Data Management & Mass Actions

The Rex real estate CRM gives you no-fuss control over your data, done your way.

Matching Engine

With Rex Sales CRM you can send automatic SMS and email listing updates for the right buyers and tenants.

Start automating today

Through agency automation, real estate agents have the ability to put their best foot forward, spending more time on dollar productive activities like face-to-face meetings with prospective buyers and sellers. Achieve more in your day, sign more listings, sell faster and increase your CGI so you have more money in the bank. Get started with these helpful resources.

Why automation is key to real estate agency success

Agency automation gives real estate agents have the ability to spend less time stuck in admin and more time face-to-face with prospects. Read the article.

LJ Hooker wins appraisals with Tracks in Rex CRM

Award winning real estate agency saves 88.8 admin hours every month

Our top Zaps for estate agency automation

Automating all those time consuming, mundane tasks is the key to scaling growth. We share the top 13 Zaps to get you started on your automation journey.

Our top 9 Prospecting workflows

Using the Rex Tracks feature our agents are nurturing contacts and building relationships to create a selling mindset. This ebook shares the top 9 tracks for better prospecting


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