Landing Page Reporting: thorough updates for your vendors

By now, you’ll know all about the new Spoke Landing Pages — which come free with every Listing Campaign. They’ve been designed to highlight your listings and generate as many leads as possible… and the stats show they’re working!

You can you share the results with your sellers just as you normally would, by sending a Vendor Report.

Two new sections have arrived in your Spoke activity reports with this release:

  1. landing page engagement
  2. landing page conversions

Landing page conversions are the real results.

Now, your campaign reports tell you:

  • Number of photo gallery downloads
  • Enquiry form submissions
  • Phone button clicks
  • Email button clicks
  • Number of people who added an inspection time to their calendar
  • Number of people who added an auction time to their calendar
Landing page conversions

We should note quickly that Spoke can only track the number of times a person clicked to send email to you via their email app— not the number of times an email was actually sent. At the point they’re sending — they’ve left our landing page for their chosen email software.

Same goes for the clicks to call. They may change their minds after they click the call button — but the intention was there.

Landing page engagement is:

  • Image slides
  • Number of video plays
  • Number of times the enquiry form has started to be filled out
  • Number of scrolls down 90% of the page
  • Clicks to open full description
  • Clicks to open the map in fullscreen
  • Average time on the landing page
Landing page engagement

All of these metrics tell you what people are (and aren’t) interested in. You’re able to use this insight to take informed action. For example, if very few people are scrolling down to the bottom of the page, that suggests you need to tweak the top half of your landing page — i.e. the imagery.

With this information, you can give your vendors far more thorough updates about their campaign — and assure them that they’ve spent their VPA in the best way possible!

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