AI & Automation in Real Estate: Elevating Customer Experience with Rex CRM

Graphic of AI and automation at rex software

For many people, a real estate transaction is one of the biggest financial, emotional and exhausting moments in their lives. Real estate agents play a critical role in these moments acting as subject matter experts and shepherds that help guide both vendors and purchasers through the complexities of a transaction. This unique relationship has shielded the real estate sector from the technological disruption seen in other industries, underscoring the vital need for personalised care and expertise.

At Rex, we believe that the most impactful thing we can do for the industry is empower agencies to deliver outstanding, consistent and high-touch customer experiences. Our goal is to enable agents to focus on what they do best: investing time in customer interactions when they matter most.

Rex CRM’s process automation already packs a punch with features like Tracks, scheduled messaging, automated image rotation, the enterprise workflow builder and much more. This year we're doubling down on AI and automation to provide you with the resources necessary to not only elevate customer experience but also to find and close more deals.

What's Coming: Top 5 Innovations from Rex

  • AI-Driven Listing Ad Copy Creation: Elevate your marketing efforts with compelling AI-generated content.
  • Automated AI Email Composition: Enhance communication with automated, personalised email content.
  • Intelligent Filters: Easily sift through your property and contact lists with simple queries, like "Show me all buyers I haven't contacted in 30 days."
  • Advanced Automation Builder: Design and implement complex business and customer service processes effortlessly, eliminating the need for coding or development resources.
  • Direct Vendor Insights: Offer vendors instant access to real-time data on their listing campaigns, including portal statistics and viewing feedback.

Future Focus: Prospecting AI

Keep an eye out for our Prospecting AI. Designed to optimise your outreach strategies, Prospecting AI will assist in identifying the right prospects and the optimal timing for engagement, by answering questions like 'Which prospect should I contact now?’, 'Which prospects should I nurture?', ultimately ensuring that you're connecting with potential clients at the perfect moment to maximise listing opportunities.

Our advancements in AI and automation promise not only to streamline operations but also to enrich the customer-agent relationship. As we look forward to these exciting developments, Rex remains dedicated to innovating solutions that support agents in delivering exceptional service, ultimately transforming the real estate landscape for the better.

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