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Beautiful real estate websites, built to last with Siteloft.

If your real estate agency needs a website, one of Siteloft’s premium responsive templates is the perfect solution. Simply decide on the theme that works for your agency, give them your logo and colour scheme and they do the rest. In just 4 weeks, you’ll have a gorgeous, feature-rich and mobile-friendly website.

Rex Software and Siteloft are partners

Like Rex, Siteloft is an ‘as a service company’ – but instead of software, they build websites.

Siteloft treats your real estate agency’s website as a digital extension of your brand, and a powerful marketing tool. Siteloft sites are constantly being updated in line with new design and development trends – keeping your website up-to-date in the digital age.

Completely responsive

All of Siteloft’s templates are completely responsive – meaning they fluidly adjust to fit any device and screen size; smartphone, tablet or desktop – and anything in between. Your website works beautifully anytime, anywhere – and on anything.

Future proofed

Because your website fluidly adjusts – it fits on screen sizes that haven’t even been invented yet. You won’t need to worry about forking out for a new website to go with the next new thing. Siteloft also has a team of developers working full-time to update your website with the latest and greatest design trends and features, keeping you in front of your competition. Your website is future proofed – it never goes out of date.

WordPress content management system

Unlike other developers, Siteloft puts you completely in charge of your website. You have complete control over your content.

  • — Change and update any imagery
  • — Adjust content freely
  • — Change the logo and colour scheme
  • — Edit inside pages and menus
  • — Manage a blog
  • — Add and edit testimonials
  • — Include videos
  • — Add, edit and remove staff profiles
  • — And more

WordPress is simple and easy to use, even with zero prior programming knowledge. Don’t worry about chasing up developers or paying additional fees again. You’re behind the wheel.


‘Template’ doesn’t have to mean ‘cookie cutter’. Once you’ve chosen your template, you can customise which features you use and which you don’t. There’s ample opportunity to tailor your website to suit your agency’s own unique style.

A full support team

Siteloft has a full support team who work in-house with the developers to answer any questions, and resolve any issues as quickly as possible. You can contact them for no extra cost – they’re there to help.


Property search

Siteloft sites come with a range of different search options for your website. Choose between a price-slider to allow visitors to filter your properties based on their budget, or one of our more traditional search bars. All options come with comprehensive filter fields, so buyers can drill down to find the perfect property for them.

Map and gallery view

Visitors can browse your listings in a Pinterest style card-view format, or easily flick over to find their next home on the map. The map view shows your listings as location-based pins on the map. Potential buyers can even check out the house and surrounding area with Google Street View – all from within your listings pages.

Superior property detail view

Listings are accompanied by a large, high-resolution photo gallery, which makes great use of the full-screen. Property details slide to the side, allowing potential buyers to flick through the gallery while they read.

Users can share their favourite listings

Visitors can use email, Facebook, Twitter or Google+ to share their favourite listings with ease.

Slide out menus

Visitors can use the navicon to bring up all their options, no matter what device they’re using. It’s almost too easy to find your way around the site.

Holiday planner

If your agency offers holiday rentals, your users can see in an instant whether there’s a vacancy with the integrated calendar.

Simple forms

All sites are equipped with spam-resistant forms that gather and deliver your agency detailed information from prospects, tenants and buyers. Contact, appraisal and rental request forms are easy to set up yourself with WordPress. You can even use forms to build great E-Marketing lists to keep your prospective clients informed.


If you want to position yourself as an industry thought leader and do a little bit better in the search engines, blogging sounds perfect for you. Siteloft’s blog pages are easy to enable and update, and every post can be complimented with beautiful high-resolution imagery.

Staff profiles

All your staff members can have their own personal page to lift their profile and highlight their experience. Profile pages include a photo, their own background image, key contact details, current listings and sold properties, testimonials and social media.

Connect your website and CRM

Siteloft sites link to Rex Software and other CRMs so you can easily upload and show off your listings with your website.

Search engine optimisation

Siteloft sites are search engine optimised, fresh out of the box. The WordPress content management system also allows you to add page titles and other metadata to individual posts and pages, for better indexing by search engines such Google, Bing and Yahoo. Get your agency found.

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