Simon Says: Our Takeaways from the Kerfuffle x Rex Software Spotlight

Who doesn’t love a session on the pink couch with Kerfuffle Legend, Simon Whale. Mark Hinkins, Head of Rex UK Sales recently joined Simon for a Spotlight webinar where he talked about what a day in the life of a Rex agent looks like. There were loads of insights from the conversation and to make sure these don't get lost we’ve pulled together this edition of Simon Says. Let's take a look at the key takeaways:

Simon Says:

"it's come on quantum levels, really it was a good package then but, I think what I see now especially the way that you have customized it for the UK market really gives a lot of offers a lot of potential”

After expanding into the UK, the Rex team have introduced new functionality that is specific to the UK market. We are proud to give our customers advanced chains and sales progression functionality designed to help you manage your sales. Not to mention exciting integrations with the Land Registry and Zapier.

Simon Says:

“Follow the sun support.”

Our Rex UK team,including support based in London, are around during UK business hours to help with any questions or troubleshooting if needed. We also have an AU support team meaning that our clients have access to our team 20 hours a day. On top of that we have 15 hours of video broken down into 3 minute videos, to learn the product quickly.

Simon Says:

“One view of the contact, also extends through to communication and calendar”

A single view of a customer makes all the difference, Rex gives you the ability to natively tie in emails and calendar events, notes and feedback. Anything that is sent out by you can be stored back into Rex as a communication on a contact record. It’s common for principals to ask to have emails copied into the CRM records which often means an old school copy and paste is required - a soul destroying admin job that is wide open to errors and manual failures. Rex also has an email drop box filter for better informed conversations, delivering better and clearer team work. Not to mention the 2-way Calendar Sync so you'll be able to access your Rex events from almost anywhere.

Simon Says:

“You’ve got a fantastic tie-in with the Land Registry to help out with prospecting information”

We all know prospecting is the lifeblood for any agency focused on growth. Here Simon is talking about our Land Registry integration. This allows you to bulk import the sales history of any street or postcode and have all of that information in one place - inside Rex so you can prospect from there with a single point of truth. Gone are the days of flicking through multiple documents, trying to do the dodgy copy and paste of data.

Simon Says:

“You’ve scored one of the biggest corporations there is and that says a lot.”

Big corporations have a very precise idea about how their required automated workflows to deliver efficiency and on-brand customer experience. So this is why SpicerHaart, the UK's largest independent agency chose Rex as their solution. As Steve Lamb, SpicerHaart CIO, announced:,’ "We needed a robust, yet simple and usable, system focussed on effective selling and customer satisfaction - but we still needed to be nimble. With Rex we have operational certainty, plus a platform that will evolve with us.”

Simon Says:

“If you’re looking to get a system that will support your way, you want it to work for you rather than bending the way your work for the software, then Rex is the package for you.’”

As Kerfuffle shared, most agents have at least 20 different technology suppliers in their agency and most of those are precariously joined together. Meaning they could break at any moment and aren’t sustainable. The best thing about Rex is it’s all under one roof. Rex was built from the start with a completely open API layer. So if our current list of integrations, and the connection with Zapier don’t link directly with your favourite software, it's usually a pretty simple development job to access the Rex data you are looking for.

Simon Says:

“You've got your own mobile app”

The amount of time agents spend out of the office driving between viewings or waiting for the next valuation appointments takes up a huge percentage of their day. This is where our Rex mobile app becomes a real game changer. Having access to your CRM on the go and not having to log into Safari and click around in loads of different places or making notes on paper is a thing of the past with Rex. From your phone you can check property details (like the alarm code), tick off some reminder tasks, call a potential buyer or seller and update a record in those previous wasted minutes waiting around.

Whether it’s the Mobile App or the Land Registry integration  you found to be the biggest take away, just remember what  Simon Says ‘Rex is worth having a look out’.

Checkout the full spotlight webinar or book a demo now to see how Rex can revolutionise a day in your life day in the life webinar for more information.

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