Feature release: Core Logic RP Data integration

Core logic RP data integration

let your property records populate faster than a catholic rabbit.

Bulk import

Bulk import allows you to import up to a thousand properties in one fell swoop. You can connect Core Logic to your property records for super-fast access, and import basic attributes such as:

  • Property addresses
  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Car spaces
  • Land and house areas
  • Property photos (when applicable)

It’s a basic four step process: Select the import type and scopeOnce you’ve started a record import you have two options for selecting properties to import; a ‘Street name‘ or ‘Map area’. A ‘Street name’ import lets you import properties from a specific street. A ‘Map area’ import, on the other hand, allows you to easily draw your area out on a map and import properties from within the boundaries you’ve set. Filter/select individual properties for import. You might not want all the properties within the street or area you’ve selected, so you can clean up your selections with the same filter functionality you’re used to in Rex's list views. Set your import preferenceAfter you’ve selected your properties, you need to specify how you’d like Rex to handle the imported data. Proceeding with the default configuration works in the following way:

  • For properties already in your Rex database: existing property records will be linked with the corresponding records in Core Logic. Basic attributes like bedrooms and bathrooms you already have in Rex will not override your existing data. Once a Rex record is connected to it’s twin in Core Logic, you’ll have the option to see live sales history, create CMAs and view the full RP Data record from Rex via the Core Logic tab.
  • For properties that don’t currently exist in Rex: any properties that don’t exist in Rex will be created during the import based on the address and basic attribute in formation provided by Core Logic The new Rex property record will then be connected to it’s Core Logic twin, allowing access to live sales history etc. as described above.

A variety of other options exist to tailor the way Rex deals with imports from Core Logic. For more information see Importing properties in the support centre. Watch Rex do the restOnce you’ve chosen your preference, you can start the import, sit back and relax with a coffee and watch the computer do all the work for you – just like it’s supposed to. What a time to be alive.

Access live property data including sales history

Once an import is completed, Core Logic data will be linked to your property records, and the aforementioned attributes (bedrooms, bathrooms, and so on) will be stored in Rex. Non-core attributes aren’t imported, instead – they’re available live via the Core Logic feature tab:We want your property records to be as up-to-the-minute as possible; storing data that’s prone to change (such as sales history) isn’t a very good idea. Instead, this type of data is pulled live at the point of access. Clicking the Core Logic tab in your property records reloads sales history and other frequently variable data from Core Logic at that point in time. (If you think imported baseline data (beds baths etc) are out of date updating them is easy – see Interacting with Property Data).

Access remote records and create CMAs

The new integration means you’re able to go direct from a Rex property record to that record's twin in Core Logic or kick off a CMA thanks to the use of ‘deep links’. Once you click the ‘Create CMA’ or ‘View record in RP Data’ button you’ll see a small pop-up with a link. This provides a secure link from Rex directly into to your Core Logic account. Deep links log you in Core Logic and take you straight to the appropriate property record or CMA generator – so you don’t need to type in any further credentials or fiddle about searching for the property.

Unified property data

Our integrations are designed to tear down the digital walls between all your cloud-based software. Everything you need is in one place; transactional history, related contacts, contracts and forms - and now comprehensive property records straight from the horse’s mouth. Having all this material available at a glance from Rex allows you to spend less time searching for data and more time putting it to use.

Help documentation

For help setting up and using the Core Logic integration, take a look at these support articles:

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