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For Luke Jones, the decision to implement Rex Reach as the central digital marketing platform for Hunters Brigend has proven to be a game-changer. After an initial foray into digital marketing that was scattered and unsuccessful Luke decided to give Rex Reach a try. Shortly after implementation, Hunters Bridgend started to witness impressive results. By the end of 2022, their year-on-year growth metrics were remarkable.

The problem: Throwing money down the drain

Before Rex Reach, Hunters Bridgend made tentative steps into digital marketing, recognising the industry's growing trend towards online forms of advertising. However, their marketing efforts were inconsistent and lacked a strategic focus, leading to disappointing results. They found themselves expending time and money with little to show for their investment.

“Before Rex Reach, we were just a bit all over the shop. We were never consistent enough or carried on long enough for it to have any impact. We just got fed up. We were spending all this money and not getting any return.” – Luke Jones, Director at Hunters Bridgend

The solution: An intuitive advertising platform

Rex Reach was introduced to Hunters Bridgend as a potential digital marketing solution through another agency in the Hunters network. The platform appealed due to its ease of use and its potential to provide a more controlled, cost-effective approach to paid advertising. For Luke and his team, Rex Reach has now become the core of their digital marketing strategy.

“Rex Reach is the core of our digital marketing now. We send campaigns off probably every two to four weeks and build the rest of our social media efforts around it.”

Implementation: Supporting a strategic approach

A key component of overcoming Hunters Bridgend’s previous marketing shortfalls was the comprehensive support provided by the team at Rex Reach. During the initial stages of their digital marketing journey, the Rex team worked with Hunters Bridgend to create a three-month plan, offering regular meetings and strategic support. As a result, by the end of January, impressive results were starting to show.

“The support was fantastic from the start. It was one of the main reasons we decided to use Rex Reach…We put a three-month plan together. We had regular meetings. And by the end of January, we were starting to see some really, really good results”

Results: Impressive returns on investment

Throughout 2022, Rex Reach campaigns ran consistently in the background of Hunters Bridgend's marketing efforts, effectively boosting their brand awareness and lead generation. This paid advertising ensured greater visibility across the right audiences and supplemented the agency's organic social media efforts, email campaigns and flyer drops.

The integration of Rex Reach into their marketing strategy combined with a strategic plan and support from the team at Rex resulted in a remarkable improvement in business outcomes. When compared to 2021, valuations surged by 78%, instructions increased by a staggering 170%, and sales saw an 85% growth. On top of that the growth in lettings, a core focus for the business during tougher market conditions, increased by an impressive 125%.

The Rex Reach product also helped Hunters Bridgend to expand their reach to postcodes where they previously had little presence. The increased brand awareness positioned them as the go-to estate agent, leading to an increase in valuations booked and sales in those areas.

“I think our marketing has made us the go-to agent…it's been a huge success story for us.”

Key success factors:

Luke Jones attributed this turnaround in marketing results to a combination of several factors:

  • Planning: The initial marketing funnel and plan, created with support from Rex Reach, set the business up for success.
  • Content: Luke found that using personal branding in their advertising, such as featuring images of staff, increased click-through-rates and engagement.
  • Consistency: Above all, Luke stressed the importance of consistency, with regular campaigns and social media posts to improve brand awareness and results over time.
“The content’s gotta be right…but it’s consistency that’s absolutely key”

Despite the dramatic improvement in results, Luke emphasised that Rex Reach is not a magic bullet, that ongoing effort, consistency, and dedication with digital marketing are crucial.

In summary:

Rex Reach has proven instrumental in the growth of Hunters Bridgend, providing a streamlined and efficient platform for their digital marketing needs. As the core of their marketing, Rex Reach has supported Hunters Bridgend in their journey towards impressive business growth. Their success demonstrates the potential of a well-structured, consistent, and well-supported digital marketing strategy, making Rex Reach a central component of their future marketing efforts.

"Rex Reach is something that we will continue to use indefinitely, there's no way that I would consider not having Rex Reach as the core of our marketing really."

You too can rely on Rex to automate simple tasks, and spend the time you save seeking out new opportunities to connect and build genuine relationships.

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