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Rex makes
you better
at your job

Management, sales and admin are the killer trifecta in real estate. Whatever your role, it’s likely you don't know how to keep on top of your constantly growing pile of work. The result: you end up working longer hours for less results.

Rex has modules and features that make any person in any role more effective and time efficient.

Rex is so
simple you'll actually use it

We think software should be efficient to use, easy to learn and satisfying to work with. We assess Rex and any new features against that idea every single day.

The payoff of a simple product? Rex has features that make you better at your job.

If Rex is usable, you and your staff will use it. By using Rex, you will be more productive.

End. Of. Story.

Rex is a money making

The listing and selling tools in Rex are designed to increase the volume and quality of your communication with your clients. In sales its simple: quality numbers pay in the long run.

Rex gives you tools to automate your follow up and to improve the tone, design and intelligence of your emails, letters and reports. More, quality follow up means more sales. More sales mean more $s. 

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Introducing the Rex interface

Rex has a usability focus which means the interface is where we spend a lot of time thinking. Other products don’t display their interface on the homepage, that’s a shame, because from our point of view if you spend day in and day out looking at something it should be deeply considered.

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Rex in the cloud

Rex is built for the cloud, making it available any time anywhere and on whatever device you want to use.

The cloud infrastructure also makes Rex less vulnerable to failure and a more secure place for your data systems.

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