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Rex: a CRM that makes you better at your job

Whether you work in Admin, Sales or Management, it’s likely you don’t know how to keep on top of your growing workload. You end up working longer hours for fewer results. Our CRM has tools that will help.


Rex will dramatically increase your listing numbers with a suite of easy to use prospecting, follow up and communication tools. Powerful vendor reporting will give you better relationships with your sellers. Automated buyer updates will let you handle hundreds of buyers at once without missing a beat.

Most of all, Rex is about control – with its easy to use functionality, our CRM empowers you to manage your listings and clients, the way you market, and the way you work, in the most simple and time efficient way possible.


From print brochures to e-marketing, trust accounting to VPA invoicing, website uploads to stocklists, Rex has it all. Our CRM isn’t just about sales – it packs some incredible functionality punch for administrators.

The other side of the coin? – Rex is built to enable sales staff to tweak their own ads, generate their own stockists, check whether their price change has gone up to By taking away these irritating tasks, Rex lets you focus your time and energy on the important work that actually helps the business.

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Rex gives you training tools like best practice follow up “tracks”, powerful templates and client management tools that empower your sales staff and keep them on track – all packed into a simple user interface that agents will actually use. Detailed KPI reports help you identify areas for improvement and target your help to those who need it.

A CRM so simple you’ll actually use it

The usefulness of any software, no matter how feature-packed it may be, is determined by its usability. Rex is chockers with powerful features and packed into an interface that makes it simple enough to be used by everyday real estate agents.


When new clients see Rex for the first time – they can’t believe its simplicity. We’ve engineered our interface to present complex functionality simply – three clicks should be all it takes to accomplish almost anything in the system. Rex is usable for normal people – no feature is intended for “power users”. With that simplicity, Rex gives users access to features that make them better at their jobs.

Satisfyingly familiar

Our CRM’s interface is inspired by everyday applications: the likes of Google, Facebook and the more traditional Microsoft. Our user interface is easy on the eye, but it also looks and behaves in ways you’ve come to expect from all the software you use. Familiarity means simplicity.


Our interface is based on repeated blocks of functionality – that means once you’ve learnt how to do something in one part of Rex – you can do it anywhere. Added a note or task reminder against a contact? You’ll be able to do it for listings, prospects or buyers exactly the same way. By repeating interface elements, we make our CRM behave like you think it should.


We take pride that our average response time to support tickets is 20 minutes. If you can’t find an answer in ourdetailed FAQ / user guide, or from over 60 video tutorials, we’re there to answer your questions and guide you through.

A CRM built to make you money

Real estate is a numbers game. A high volume of quality follow up gets more listings and sales. Continuous quality feedback to vendors creates realistic expectations. Targeted communication to buyers gets sales. Targeted communication to tenants gets homes leased to better tenants faster.


Numbers aren’t enough – communication has to be quality. Rex is packed with 99 template letters and emails written by some of the best copywriters in the business – these templates are designed to help you list and sell more. The time it takes to send a powerful letter to your hot appraisal? 30 seconds.

Customer focus

Customer focus: Managing your relationships with sellers is critical to getting a sale. Rex’s powerful vendor reports show your sellers how hard you’re working and what real buyers think of the value of their property. Realistic seller + realistic offer + hardworking agent = done deal.

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Rex’s “track” reminders help keep you on target with your follow up. Have a hot appraisal? – Two clicks to add the hot appraisal track: Rex will prompt you to call, email and message your prospective vendor to follow up for the next 30 days. Do that for every hot appraisal? – We guarantee you’ll see more listings.

Got more buyers than you can handle? Leave it to the CRM. Add a set of criteria and watch Rex automatically update your buyers as soon as new listings matching their needs hit your books.