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Robust financials in action

Want to learn more about financials in Rex PM?
Want to learn more about financials in Rex PM?
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Rex Property Management hasn’t even launched but we are already feeling the love with a tonne of agencies lining up to join our pre-launch customers. While we prepare for the big day, we wanted to share a demo of some of the industry’s most robust financial capabilities. Have a look at the full demo video above or view Invoicing, Disbursements, Batch Receipting separately below:


Invoicing made easy! Create and find invoices with just a click. Reduce errors with improved bill processing and generate reimbursement invoices for bills that require splitting between different parties.


Tailored to your needs with custom disbursement preferences and prompts for each owner, and process disbursements confidently with a single view of all transactions, giving you full clarity on all fund calculations prior to processing.

Batch Receipting

Say goodbye to manual processing with Batch Receipting! Upload your bank statement and process your received funds in a snap. It automatically matches any number of rent receipts, letting you process them in bulk.

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Want to learn more about financials in Rex PM?