Why larger agencies are choosing Rex CRM

While most CRM’s are built for small business, large and multi-office agencies have their own unique challenges. Rex CRM lets you level up to win more deals and outperform your competitors.

Rex CRM is behind some of the most successful large agencies in Australia.

Build relationships at scale

Rex CRM works behind the scenes to streamline large agency processes and deliver powerful agency marketing tools. With time saved, agents can rely on built-in workflows and automation to stay engaged with large contact databases, and focus on building deep personal relationships with in-market property owners.

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Build Rex CRM into your custom tech stack

Out of the box, Rex CRM delivers powerful native integrations with leading property sites. Our open API then lets you blow the box out of the water, providing access to build your integrated tech stack.

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Stay on top of your growing business

Coaching high performing agents relies on real-time data. Rex CRM live dashboards and performance reporting give you visibility of the metrics the matter, so you exactly what's going on. Custom reporting coming very soon.

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Run your business your way

Lift the hood and you’ll discover deep customisation options to list and sell the way you know works in your area. Using custom data, fields and tab you have the capacity to implement you own best practice approach.

Custom fields and tags

A large agency feature powerhouse

Just some of the feature our large customers are using to win business.

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Tags allow you to segment your CRM database into more targeted groups, for personalised communication to Real Estate prospects.
Our local care team is here for you, whether you’re in Australia, New Zealand, or the UK.
Our local care team is here for you, whether you’re in Australia, New Zealand, or the UK.
At Rex, our customer support approach is designed to provide you with efficient and specialised assistance. We understand that you are busy and that your time is valuable
Rex puts your mundane tasks on auto-pilot, so you can focus on what really matters.
Rex puts your mundane tasks on auto-pilot, so you can focus on what really matters.
Rex CRM helps agencies put more on auto-pilot so agents can spend less time stuck in admin and more time face-to-face with prospects. Explore automation features.
Experience unparalleled success with Rex, the premier CRM for real estate agencies. Award-winning agencies and top agents trust Rex for sales, lettings, and productivity enhancements. Discover the power of automation, strong customer relationships, and actionable data insights with Rex CRM. Join the ranks of over 2,500 agencies using Rex to streamline operations and drive business growth. Book your demo today!

Leading Sydney agency shares how Rex CRM is driving their competitive position

Running a large agency has it’s own unique challenges relating to size and structure. You want a consistent brand approach that consolidates the influence of your agents, and you want to empower them with tools like a purpose-built mobile app and communications workflows they can rely on to engage at scale.

Taking away the ‘noise’ of mundane tasks and providing prospecting tools to list more than ever, Rex CRM opened the doors for leading Sydney agency, BresicWhitney to command a market-leading position. 

— Will Gosse, BresicWhitney COO shares some of his Rex CRM secret sauce

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