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Take control of your real estate database with our custom data and reporting features. Easily track the efficiency and productivity of your team, gain actionable insights to share across the business and uncover more opportunities in your own data.

Why people are switching from VaultRE to Rex CRM

Easier to Learn

An intuitive system combined with gold class support ensures faster user adoption, reducing time and money spent on training.

Easier to Use

Maximise your investment with a system your team will be happy to use, transforming your data handling into an asset rather than a chore.

Easier to Scale

Never need to switch CRMs again. Rex CRM expands as you do, creating a fully integrated ecosystem tailored to your needs.

Redefined User Experience

Tired of investing in systems your team doesn’t fully adopt? Rex CRM is meticulously designed to be a breeze to interact with, ensuring that your team doesn’t just learn it but embraces it daily.

  • Intuitive Interface: Designed for maximum utility without unnecessary clutter, making every action easy and efficient.
  • Enhanced Adoption: Rex CRM is easy to learn and use, increasing long-term usage rates and improving data collection.
  • Increased Productivity: No more clicking between windows. Rex CRM streamlines tasks while boosting productivity.
  • Enriched Data: With Rex CRM you're transforming your data handling into an asset rather than a chore.

Powerful Prospecting

With Rex CRM, your agency becomes a prospecting powerhouse, equipped with the tools and capabilities needed to drive growth and success in the real estate market.

  • Customisable Data Collection: Tailor your prospecting approach by customising how you collect and use your data.
  • Prospect Targeting: Focus your efforts where they matter most. Identify the most valuable prospects and drive follow-up activities.
  • Appraisals Pipeline: Seize more opportunities as they arise by surfacing valuable data on who's coming to the market.
  • Reminders and Workflows: Never miss an important follow-up or engagement opportunity with reminders and automated workflows.


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Exceptional Client Service

Being locally and independently owned isn't just a badge; It’s our commitment to providing the kind of localised expertise and service that sets us apart.

  • High-Touch Service: We don't just sell software; we ensure you get the most out of it. We're there every step of the way, from onboarding to ongoing support.
  • Easier onboarding: We maximise your investment by ensuring faster user adoption, reducing time and money spent on training.
  • Dedicated Local Support: Got a problem? Our support teams aren't continents away. They understand local market quirks and provide timely, relevant solutions.
  • Guided Success: Our customer success team is here to ensure you extract every ounce of value from Rex CRM, from winning listings to sealing deals.

Unrivalled Mobile Experience

Give your agents the tools to be productive from wherever they are. With 90% of CRM capabilities available on mobile, Rex offers more mobile functionality than any other CRM option.

  • Immediate Access to Property Information: Quick retrieval of property details and appraisals.
  • On-the-Go Management: Handle leads, listings, contacts, and inspections anywhere.
  • Effective Buyer Matching: Align buyers with suitable listings.
  • Reverse Buyer Matching: Showcase your database's power to potential sellers.
  • Contract Management: Add, update, and view contracts effortlessly.
  • Full open-home experience: Manage check-in, feedback and follow-up.

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