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Real Estate Tech

Real Estate Tech
Time to audit your real estate agency tech stack?

Tech is great when it works the way it needs to work, but that, unfortunately, isn’t always the case. If your team uses too many programs that don’t communicate with each other properly, it can take up unnecessary time.

Real Estate Tech
Why automate? The benefits of agency automation

If you are tired of managing all those mundane tasks every morning, you should look at how CRM and workflow automations will help save your real estate agency valuable time.

Real Estate Tech
Our top 7 hidden costs of cheap real estate tech

“Cheap” is good for your wallet in the short term, but actually harmful to your business in the long run. Considering a low-cost CRM? Read this before you sign anything.

Real Estate Tech
Real Estate Business
Our top seven hidden costs that come with cheap real estate tech

You don’t discount your commission because you stand behind the quality of service you provide. It’s the same thing with CRM providers. Considering a low-cost CRM? Read this before you sign anything. 

Tips & Updates
Real Estate Tech
COVID-19: what the Australian economic rescue packages mean for your real estate business

Things are moving fast in this new COVID-19 world. We want to do our bit and help you stay informed, so please bookmark this page where we will be bringing together information relevant to the property industry as it happens.

Real Estate Tech
CRM: the secret sauce of successful agencies

In this day and age, your CRM should be your listing management tool as well – it should be able to upload your listings to real estate portals, generate your brochures, stock lists and open home lists.

Real Estate Business
Real Estate Tech
Your vendors are happy to pay more for these three things

Want to increase your commission? Here are 3 simple things you can do to create an experience your vendors are happy to pay (more) for.

Real Estate Tech
Pimp my ride: upgrade your mobile office with these gadgets

How many hours a week do you spend driving? Commuting to work, zipping between open homes… it all adds up. You’re probably in the driver’s seat so much there’s a permanent butt groove. But the time you spend out and about isn’t ‘dead time’ - at least, not if you’ve got the right tools to make your car a mobile office.

Real Estate Tech
You need to get on board with virtual tours. Here's why.

Imagine all the time you’d save if buyers could walk into your office, whack on a pair of goggles, and visit all your listings then and there - and all the business you'd win by offering 'always open' homes. That's the beauty of virtual tours Not sure where to get started? We’ve got you covered.

Real Estate Tech
Introducing Hitch - a better way to refer clients to the best service providers

Hitch makes it 10x simpler and faster to refer your clients to the services and people they need for a smoother experience when they buy, sell or move. Learn how Hitch real estate referrals can help you earn more money.


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