New Features

New Features

New Features
Feature release: simplify your key management with the new key registry

Rex keeps all your data under lock and key (see what we did there?).  With this feature update, we’ve introduced extra functionality - like tracking who a particular set of keys are currently with - to make the task simple.

New Features
Feature release: meet the Group App, a powerful control centre for multi-office agencies

Our latest update gives those of you working in agencies with multiple offices a much better (read: easier and more powerful) way to centrally manage all of your Rex accounts, search listings and invoices, run cross-account sales performance reports and amend user privileges for all offices from one location.

New Features
Feature release: the easiest way to watermark your listing images

Rex’s newest update offers peace of mind for your vendors, increased brand recognition for your agency and a streamlined experience for you. Introducing: image watermarking! Now, you can watermark your listing images within Rex before uploading them to your website, the portals and beyond.

New Features
Tips & Updates
Announcing: Rex University, here to help supercharge your agency

The courses at Rex University include videos, walk-throughs and short quiz at the end of each module. Our virtual instructors will walk you through practically everything you can do in Rex on desktop (plus Pocket and the Pocket open home kiosk app). Get more from your software.

New Features
Feature release: automatic disclaimers for portal listings

Now, you can set a specific disclaimer to appear under all your portal ads. You can even set a different disclaimer for one or more of your listing types.

New Features
Feature release: simple, streamlined listing image editing

It’s no secret that good listing photos are the key to getting buyers through the door; homes with high quality photography sell 32 per cent faster than homes without. Some images are good to start with, but with a little bit of finessing they could be great. Here’s how to do it within Rex.

New Features
Feature release: filter buyer feedback by interest level

We’ve made it much simpler for you to follow up buyers who have left feedback. The new filtering functionality on feedback gives you a simple way to bring up either a list of contacts or list of listings, filtered by the feedback given by or on the listing.

New Features
Feature release: automatic image cycling on the portals

Serious house-hunters check the portals once, twice or even more times a day and often visit the same search results multiple times. This functionality lets you put more, different selling points in front of their face each time they do so.

New Features
Feature release: pocket agenda redesigns

Rex's printable Pocket Agenda allow you to action even more tasks on the go, and gives you the background to have more meaningful conversations with your vendors and potential buyers.

New Features
Feature release: user groups for easy reporting and filtering

If you like efficiency, visibility and flexibility, you’re going to love User Groups. This functionality is going to help you with a lot of cool stuff as we roll out new features. For now, you can use it for two simple things: Reporting and Filtering.


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