Kevan's Handy Hints

Kevan's Handy Hints

Kevan's Handy Hints
Do you have the secret recipe for success?

Have you cracked the secret formula to gain clients for life? We have, and today I want to share it with you. Believe it or not, it starts with some internal discovery work...

Kevan's Handy Hints
Tips & Updates
Five Rex hacks to shave hours off your week (and build a stronger team!)

Kevan's Handy Hints
Tips & Updates
The secret to boosting your real estate team's productivity by 37%

Would you buy new office chairs and leave them in the storeroom? Or print fresh business cards and hide them away in a filing box, to gather dust? Probably not. So, why leave critical parts of your software in their metaphorical wrapping? We'll show you how to boost your real estate team's productivity by 37%.

Kevan's Handy Hints
Olympian or couch potato - how healthy is your database?

You need a healthy database - it is literally the lifeblood of your agency. It holds (or it should hold) all the information needed to keep your business alive. Without it pumping information, your company becomes an anaemic shell that barely can stand up on its own, let alone compete.


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