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Inside Rex Software
Meet the new Rex brand

The day has finally arrived. Today, we’re unveiling a new logo and visual identity for Rex as we start the process of rolling out a refreshed Rex brand into the world.It’s been a huge effort from the whole Rex team and right now we are really excited. We loved the simplicity of our old approach, and know many of you have felt the same. But it’s time to evolve and we want to share our journey with you, so you can understand both where we have come from and where we are going – and what that means for you, our client base.

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Meet our Customer Care Team

Inside Rex Software
Real Estate Business
Here's to strong women - may we know them, may we be them, may we recognise them

Anything that supports women to invest in themselves, share their experiences and feel confident to face a future of change is something we’ll support. That's why we're sponsoring this year's REB Top Women in Real Estate awards, recognising the best female talent in the industry!

Inside Rex Software
Rex expands to the UK

With 200 UK-based offices ready to start using Rex, there's a lot of exciting changes planned for our customers across both continents. The move overseas means an expanded user base, access to a new, diverse talent pool and loads more resources to pour into new features.

Inside Rex Software
Four core values the tech giants share

If you’re one of those people who view ‘corporate values’ as a kind of Orwellian absurdity, what do you make of this: the world’s tech giants are underpinned by a very similar set of principles.

Inside Rex Software
Tips & Updates
Understanding Rex's privilege roles

We’ve built Rex so that you can tweak every user's’ privileges to the nth degree. Trust us - it’s worth it. Your database is your most important asset - being able to control who can view, edit and delete what is kind of big deal.

Inside Rex Software
Meet the team: Tom McCarthy

Tom McCarthy, boy genius, is leading the mobile app development team. Tom joined our team last year after two successful careers in competitive video-gaming and digital marketing for a zany company that sold kitchen utensils of questionable usefulness.

Inside Rex Software
2016 at Rex - a quick review of our best year yet

2016 is the second year we’ve released our pre-Christmas review of the last twelve months - so I suppose you could call it a tradition by now. Sure, not quite as set-in-stone as Grandma’s pudding or the Japanese obsession with Yuletide KFC - but we’re certainly getting there.

Inside Rex Software
Real Estate Tech
Tips & Updates
How Slack changed the way we do business

Inside Rex Software
Yoga at work is saving us $8000 a year

Want to reduce absenteeism, injuries and stress, as well as increase motivation and performance? Do some yoga at work and boost your business!


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