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Design & Branding

Design & Branding
New Features
New year, new website

New years is a time of reflection and change - we sit back, take stock, and consider what we’d like to do differently over the next twelve months. For many, it’s when we make well-intentioned resolutions to transform ourselves. We jumped on the (aesthetic) self-improvement bandwagon and got a new website!

Design & Branding
New Features
Stress-free Christmas cards from your real estate agency

It’s that time of year again. Sleigh bells, shopping lists, fake snow, and… Christmas cards. In an effort to make your holiday season just that little bit easier, we’ve teamed up with AgentMail to get all your postcards out to your clients in just a few minutes.

Design & Branding
Let’s break the ice: what does a real estate website cost?

You need to make a great first impression online. So,how much does a modern, up-to-date and future-proof real estate website cost?

Design & Branding
The evolution of the Rex design

At Rex, being the creative director also means being the lead product designer. In the past I've thought that the design happens brand first, then everything else follows suit. However lately I've been realising that this isn't as one sided as I thought - the Rex design is fluid.

Design & Branding
Four approaches to your real estate website

We look at them, think about them, talk about them and argue about them. Here are four approaches to consider for your next real estate website.

Design & Branding
Tips & Updates
Common pitfalls in social media - real estate agents, beware!

A quick Google search for 'social media' will show you a smorgasbord of articles, blogs, tips and tricks, and self-proclaimed "Internet Marketing Gurus." But, even with all this coverage about social media real estate agencies still seem to be getting it wrong.

Design & Branding
The story of the login screen

The Rex logo contains a secret. People don't always see the secret right away, that's ok, because when they do it's a bigger surprise.

Design & Branding
Real Estate Tech
You need a responsive website

Design & Branding
Real Estate Business
Interest rates have fallen off a cliff

With interest rates so low, its easy to forget how high they've been. Now may be a first home buyers best chance to get into the property market, judging by the shift in Standard Variable Rates. We've designed this infographic to highlight why its a perfect time for a buyer to start their real estate journey.


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