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Peter Snow & Co

David Snow is principal of Peter Snow & Co in Toowoomba, where he leads a tight knit team of ten staff. He’s seen a lot of new tech emerge in his 30-something years in real estate, from the first mobile phone, to the internet, to the advent of the Customer Relationship Management system. 

For Peter Snow & Co, the latter has been a real game changer.

Rex has helped me cope with the modern demands of real estate.
David Snow
Principal at Peter Snow & Co

David has been using Rex for six years now, so he’s pretty good at explaining what a CRM actually does. 

“A CRM is something that can make it less complicated ... to help you look as good as you possibly can, as thoughtful as you possibly can be, and as well-organised as you possibly can be — because agents are generally not known for that,” says David. 

However, Rex is also a very important tool for keeping on top of administrative and general office tasks. 

“Our business is listing and selling, listing and selling,” he says. “But if you’re not a good administrator, you’re not going to get repeat business – which for me is about 80% of my business.”

Providing an exceptional customer experience with Rex

An important step to getting repeat business is providing an exceptional customer experience the first time around.  David’s favourite Rex feature, the vendor reports, ensures each of their clients receive just that. 

“They’re easy to read - they’re marvellous from a real estate salesperson’s point of view,'' he says. “We’re working with a vendor so that the outcome, through that reporting, is shaping the final realisation of what their home is worth.” 

“It makes them [vendors] think it’s their property only that we’re working on.” 

Making your customers feel like they’re the only one is exactly what we set out to achieve. 


In the sixty years since Peter Snow & Co first opened its doors in Toowoomba, the town has experienced significant growth. David Snow and his team needed a way to give their contacts the personalised level of customer experience they were known for, on a greater scale. With Rex, Peter Snow & Co can service a greater number of clients with less effort.




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