Real estate CRM with powerful automation built-in

Powerful, easy-to-use cloud and mobile real estate CRM software for agencies of all sizes. Join thousands of agents increasing productivity with Rex Sales and Rentals CRM.

Your whole of office property sales CRM

Rex Sales and Rentals CRM agents regularly sell up to 90% of the properties they list. Supported by Australia’s most powerful property CRM and automation platform, they deliver outstanding customer service – which involves a lot of regular, quality client contact.

Secure stock in good times and bad

Building a consistent and reliable listings pipeline is the holy grail for high-performing agencies. Rex Sales and Rentals CRM has built-in tools to help you stay in touch and build relationships with every property owner in your area, so you can secure more stock.

Get visibility over your patch with our Core Logic integration
Keep track of appraisals and OAB’s
Stay at the front of the prospects' minds with Reminders and Tracks
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attract more prospects through search engines

Say hello to the iOS/Android app

Say hello to the most functional real estate CRM app you’ll use. Add new buyers and their requirements directly into your CRM, then email or text them e-brochures in a few taps. Stay connected so you never miss an opportunity.

Manage leads, listings, contacts and inspections on the go.
Instant open home feedback & follow-up
Managing Door Knocking campaigns and route efficiently
Caller ID gives you the confidence to answer the phone with the right name, every time
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engage your audience by publishing content through rex website's custom CMS

Make your work... flow with automations

Standardise process across your agency and maximise your teams productivity with the inbuilt automation features in Rex Sales and Rentals CRM.

Automated SMS & email updates
Built-in best practice follow-up workflows
Mass actions across all parts of the journey
Zapier integration
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convert more leads with customisable forms and more

All the information you need is available when you need it

Rex makes sure all the information you need is available when you need it. You have complete control over the data your agency requires, allowing you and your staff to input, find and sort the information most relevant to the way you work.

Apply tags for richer record management
Use contract record to log important & interesting data
Track email opens and clicks to improve engagement
Manage 'do not contact' requests
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the rex sites team, formerly known as the 'siteloft team'


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our CRM worldwide


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the world trust our CRM


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by agency customers

Put your data to work

With built-in easy-to-use but incredible powerful custom reporting, KPI and productivity metrics, your property business has all the tools necessary to use the data in your database to its fullest potential.

Visibility over your team's productivity

Monitor and manage the KPI performance across your team by building reports around the data you want to explore. Use the productivity metrics that matter to your agency to coach and grow agents.

Improved data quality

Encourage better data quality through increased transparency. Custom Reporting will help to highlight data improvement opportunities across your agency.

Pipeline progression and follow up made easy

View more data at a glance without needing to click into records. Unlock insights that will allow you to convert more listings and sales. Build specific call lists to contact hot prospects.

Win more clients for life

With core functionality that represents you, your agency brand and its processess you will be with your clients each step of their home buying journey. Making sure they come back to you time and again.

Deliver consistent brand experience

You want all your communications to reflect that brand. Rex makes this simple. Just add your branding once and it will appear consistently across newsletters, brochures, emails and letters.

Stay in touch for the whole journey

Today's buyer, tomorrow's seller - we know it's not that easy. Especially over the years. The workflows and reminders pre-built in Rex CRM will help you stay in touch with property owners and ensure you're the first person they call when they want to sell.

Integrations with leading data providers

Tired of agents finding every reason not to cold call? Having every single property in your area inside Rex moves prospecting from 'hated' to 'helpful'.

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Customer service best practice built-in

Being responsive with buyers, sellers and everyone in between is essential best practice. With Rex Sales and Rentals CRM this is made really simple with dedicated tools to enhance your customer service.

Delight vendors with quick responses

Updating applicant feedback and following up reminder tasks will ensure your vendors receive the ultimate experience and trust that you have every opportunity covered.

Deliver service that sees applicants become sellers

Being responsive and thorough with all buyer enquiries will show you're on the ball and if they are thinking of selling, it will be that experience that they'll want their buyers to receive.

Stay productive on the go

With the Rex Sales and Rentals CRM Mobile App you have a fully functional CRM in your pocket. Manage leads, listings, contacts and inspections on the go.

Explore more reasons to choose Rex

From case studies to features, find out how Rex can help your agency grow and win clients for life

Sales at Scale – How BresicWhitney reached $3b in sales, all delivered with exceptional service

See how BresicWhitney is breaking all the rules from traditional agency structures and delivering an exceptional listing and selling service.

Open API opportunities for large real estate agencies

Our open API allows customers to build their own links to and from the Rex CRM Plenty of popular third party apps have built there own, including Realtair, Propps. Active Pipe, Plezzel and more.

Stay on track with prospecting in your agency

Securing a listing is the lifeblood of any estate agency. Getting it right delivers agency growth, stability & good times for all. Stay on top of your prospecting with Rex.

Grows with your business

Whether you're just starting out, franchised, large agency or enterprise. Our website build and hosting plans are designed to grow as your business grows.

Questions. Answered.

We've answered a few frequent questions below. If you have a question not answered here, please contact us and we'll get back to you.

What types of properties does Rex support?


All of them - Residential, Rural, Commercial, Land and Business.

What is a winning CRM strategy?


Consider real estate customer relationship management (CRM) both as a strategy and software that real estate firms and real estate agents use to manage their businesses.

As a strategy, CRM software is a means through which agencies build, manage, and sustain meaningful and successful relationships with both leads and customers.

As a software, CRM is an organised system that centrally stores buyers, sellers, business leads, and customer data. The information can contain details about prospective leads, new and existing customers. It can also be details about user interactive activities from lead generation channels, their personal information, communication, and purchase history.

What should a CRM system do for you and your agency?


A great way of increasing efficiency within any real; estate business is by using technology as it has become easier than ever before thanks largely due development advances made over recent years. Having an effective CRM system for your real estate marketing campaigns, prospecting, lead management and client communication will help you streamline customer service. You'll be able to better build relationships with buyers and sellers while helping you sell more properties! Great systems like Rex CRM do all this easily.

What is the simplest CRM for real estate agents?


The simplest CRM to use is the one where you have invested time in learning how the software works and how you can use all the functionality in your business. The hardest CRM to use is one that you login into once and blindly wander around, wasting time and potentially losing business.

What does CRM stand for in real estate


What is a CRM in real estate? The definition of a CRM is 'Customer Relationship Management' and it’s an important tool in the arsenal of any real estate agent who wants to be at top form. CRMs track all your customer interactions so that you can make sure they are happy with their experience, while also staying up-to date on new prospects as they arise!

What are the key features of a CRM?

  • Organise prospect information, making it easy to find (i.e., no more hunting through spreadsheets).
  • Quickly respond to property inquiries without having to dig through your inbox.
  • Keep track of which prospects you've reached out to and which ones are farther along in the home buying process.
  • Gather information digitally, such as your prospects' website activity or whether they opened your emails.
  • Manage your sales pipeline in one place and keep track of closings.
  • Maintain contact with past clients for relationship management and future referrals.
  • Automate tasks and workflow such as email follow-ups after open-houses.

What is a CRM system in real estate?


CRM software helps streamline your sales cycle by managing prospects and clients in one place. It also provides data-driven decision-making tools that will save you valuable time on the phone with potential customers or previous leads who are now out of touch as their list grows longer than expected!

Expert tip: A real estate CRM software tool can be an excellent resource if used correctly - make sure to take advantage of all its features like sending targeted emails based on what they’ve shown interest in previously (or even updating old contact info), creating custom followup sequences automatically based around different types of communication needs at specific points throughout every campaign season; these things may not seem important but collectively add up quickly over

Want more leads and listings?

In a highly competitive market the overall aesthetics and usability of your site is critical to winning new businesses. Attract more listings with a site that truly reflects the image and philosophy of your brand while providing a seamless user experience. 

From beautiful listings pages, agent profiles, and client testimonials, to high resolution imagery, video and 3D property tours. Siteloft’s sites integrate all the features to position your agency at the top of the market. Not only this but Siteloft’s fully responsive designs allow you to capitalise on the huge percentage of traffic that comes from mobile devices, ensuring that prospects have easy access to all your listings and enjoy a seamless user experience wherever they may be.

Integrate your website and CRM for increased performance. Remove double data entry by synching listings from your CRM. Automatically populate page title and meta data from listing data in your CRM to improve organic search rankings. Maintain a clean database by syncing new leads to existing contacts.