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Generate more buyer and seller leads with a real estate website design that optimises conversion rates and user experience. Find out how.

find more property listings with an appraisals campaign in spokepromoting your agency with a spoke digital marketing campaign

Keep your pipeline full for good

Advertise listings

Use built-in buyer categories, your CRM contacts and website visitors to target the right people. Share real-time reports with sellers.

Advertise your agency

Reach homeowners before they’re looking to sell. Get called into more appraisals and plant the seeds for your next sale.

find more property listings with an appraisals campaign in spoke

Advertise yourself

Become the agent of choice by promoting your personal brand in your area. Market your specialised skill set and stand out from the crowd.

promoting your agency with a spoke digital marketing campaign

Better results means happier clients

Add content

Add photos and information about your listing, agency or agent. Connect Rex CRM to automatically pull in your data.

upload contend and create property listing ads easily in spoke

Review your audience

Rex Reach (formerly Spoke) determines the best audience for your ads, including your website visitors and CRM contacts. If you want to get tricky, Rex Reach also lets you edit your audience.

image of a spoke real estate ad campaign audience targeting

Review your real estate ads

Rex Reach (formerly Spoke) generates 26+ ad formats that match your agency’s brand. Have a look to make sure your ads are perfect and make edits if you need.

images of a spoke campaigns property listings ad formats

Set a budget

Choose a budget package for your new campaign. Rex Reach (formerly Spoke) estimates the number of people your ads will reach, for the budget.

image of pricing plans for spoke campaigns
upload contend and create property listing ads easily in spokeimage of a spoke real estate ad campaign audience targetingimages of a spoke campaigns property listings ad formatsimage of pricing plans for spoke campaigns
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“Using Rex Reach (formerly Spoke) they have it all set up, you literally click 3 or 4 buttons and it targets all of the people that you want.”

Graeme Carmichael,
Sales Manager for Agent Growth at LJ Hooker Property Centre

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Agents, admins, owners. Everyone loves Rex.

Not just a real estate marketing tool for better client experiences. Rex gives all your staff the tools they need to do their jobs, better.

5 Star Review

We use Rex Reach for our realestate business and I have to say they are excellent when it comes to communication and keeping any admin or staff updated on any errors, new updates and so on.

Lauren Morris
Campaign Manager at LJ Hooker
5 Star Review

We've been getting phenomenally better results/enquiries through Rex Reach (formerly Spoke)

Barry Rolton
Barry Rolton
One Agency Waimakariri
5 Star Review

Amazing customer support and one of the best ways of modern-day advertising! Highly recommend Rex Reach (formerly Spoke).

Dimitrios Kallitsis
Licensed Estate Agent at Eview Real Estate
5 Star Review

Rex Reach (formerly Spoke) is a simple, terrific way to get a message out to a target audience of thousands.

Andrew Blaxland Profile
Andrew Blaxland
Principal l LREA & Auctioneer at Richardson & Wrench Southern Highlands
5 Star Review

I had a call from a buyer in Sydney who saw a Rex Reach ad in his feed... He had never heard of the area I operate in and had little idea where it was. Without Rex Reach, I would never of reached him.

Nick Potente Profile
Nick Potente
LJ Hooker Iluka
5 Star Review

The Rex Reach (formerly Spoke) team are very helpful and knowledgeable.

Adrian Raiteri Profile
Adrian Raiteri
LJ Hooker Kingsberry
5 Star Review

The way we are able to systemise an agents life in Rex CRM is crucial to making them not just productive but high-performing as well, and Rex CRM is the key to doing that for our agency.

Will Gosse Profile
[Rex CRM] [AU/NZ] Will Gosse
COO at BresicWhitney
5 Star Review

I tested out five (5) other leading CRM systems, big ones as well ones that have been established for many many years and a lot of people would think they would be the go-to but they did not perform the way that Rex CRM did from a usability, user-friendly aspect.

Steven Barkho Profile
[Rex CRM] [AU/NZ] Steven Barkho
Managing Director/Selling Principal at PRIME Estate Agents
5 Star Review

We have recently upgraded our website with Rex Websites (formerly Siteloft) they were great to work with, kept to timelines, very professional and exceptionally good product. We are very happy with the service particularly when we were going online just before Christmas.

[Websites] [AU] Bev Pellow
Principal at QPL Rural
5 Star Review

Our new website is great and we have received great comments from our clients. The team at Rex Websites (formerly Siteloft) were very helpful right from my first enquiry to the finished website processes. They were always available when we required to speak to them. We can thoroughly recommend the Rex Websites (formerly Siteloft) team to anyone who is looking to build or rebuild their website.

[Websites] [AU] Dawn Hull
Real Estate Agent at Doug Hull Real Estate
5 Star Review

I am extremely happy with the website created for my real estate business with Rex Websites (formerly Siteloft). They are so easy to deal with and took on all of the changes I needed to suit my website requirements. Would happily recommend their services.

[Websites] [AU] Gail Richards
Business Owner at Key 2 Sale

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We've answered a few frequent questions below. If you have a question not answered here, please contact us and we'll get back to you.

How are Reach's audience segments made?


Reach's audience segments are built from selected behaviours, interests and other demographics provided by Facebook and Google. They are built by our team as the result of real estate knowledge / research and data. We conducted a series of experiments to create the relevant segments and we constantly test and iterate on these to achieve improved campaign results for our clients. The unique combinations within each audience are one of our key differentiators from similar products and we consider them somewhat as Reach's ‘secret sauce’ and a key part of the product’s IP.

Does Rex Reach adjust real estate adverts based on performance?


Reach uses an Ad Optimisation Formula - it's a unique rule-based formula which acts like a smart marketer, who knows how to improve ads, allocate the budget or tweak the audience for each ad to get the most from the selected budget.

Does Reach support video ads?


Yes - Reach supports video ads for both listing and branding campaigns.

The most important thing to note is that you must upload the video to Reach directly. Facebook doesn’t allow YouTube, Vimeo or other links.

Other things to keep in mind are:

  • Length: We recommend you keep your videos around 15 seconds — as people’s attention spans drop off after that. However, anything below 60 seconds is ok. Facebook supports ridiculously long videos (up to 240 minutes) — but anything longer than a minute won’t be able to be published on Instagram or as an in-stream video, so keep it short and sweet.
  • Format: Reach supports all common video formats — mp.4, .mov, .avi, .mkv, .ogv, .gif, .wmv… the list goes on. It’s highly unlikely you’ll find a video format we don’t support — especially if you’re using a professional videographer.
  • Resolution: For crystal clear videos, we recommend your videos be at least 600 pixels wide. So, make sure you’re uploading high quality videos — ideally shot in HD.
  • File size: We want you to be able to show off your listings in all their high-res glory — so Reach supports videos up to 4GB in size. That’s huge.

Where on Facebook, Instagram and the Google Display network do Reach ads appear?


Your ads will be visible on mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

Facebook Ads will appear on:

  • Newsfeed - single image
  • Newsfeed - video
  • Newsfeed - 5 image carousel including agency logo
  • Instant articles - single image
  • Desktop column (right side of newsfeed) - single image
  • Marketplace - single image
  • Messenger inbox - single image
  • Facebook stories - single image
  • Facebook stories - video

Instagram Ads will appear on:

  • Instagram feed - single image
  • Instagram feed - video
  • Instagram feed - 5 image carousel including agency logo
  • Instagram stories - single image
  • Instagram stories - video

Google Ads will appear on:

  • Youtube - 2 images
  • Gmail - 1 image and 1 text
  • Display network - 17 images
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